Glossary of mechanical engineering terms and definitions

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glossary of mechanical engineering terms and definitions

CD-ROM german-english dictionary mechatronics / mechanical engineering /robotics/ information technology with Sample Sentences by Markus Wagner

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UPDATE MAI 2017: new technical terms
CD-ROM german-english dictionary mechatronics /
mechanical engineering /
information technology
with Sample Sentences
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German Technical Translation:
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drive engineering,
mechanical engineering,
information technology,
electronic engineering,
engineering mechanics,
automatic control engineering,
automation engineering,
automotive / automobile engineering,
manufacturing engineering,
robotics / robots

Target audience:
Industrial training mechatronics (trainee, vocational school student, trainer, teacher) Technician, technical college of drives, technical documentation, translators, engineers, students mechatronics

Sample Sentences:

Ansteuerung des Motors in Positionieranwendungen. {Mechatronik} Actuation of the motor in positioning applications.

Auswahl und Auslegung von Antrieben. {Mechatronik} Selection and dimensioning of drives.

Antriebssysteme für elektronische Kurvenscheiben. {Mechatronik} Drive systems for electronic cams.

Drehzahl und Drehmoment eines Bewegungsablaufs. {Mechatronik} Speed and torque of a motion sequence.

Eigenschaften Mechatronischer Teilsysteme. {Mechatronik} Attributes of mechatronic sub-systems.

Ein 5/2 Wege-Impulsventil steuert den doppeltwirkenden Zylinder. {Pneumatik} A 5/2-way double pilot valve controls the double-acting cylinder.

Fehler bei Inbetriebnahme Mechatronischer Teilsysteme. {Mechatronik} Errors in start up of mechatronic subsystems.

Translatorische und rotatorische Bewegung. {Mechatronik} Linear and rotary motion.

Sollwertvorgabe für Gleichlaufantriebe. {Mechatronik} Motion control for synchronised drives.


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Mechanical Properties Definitions {Texas A&M: Intro to Materials}

Actuator: A device that creates mechanical motion by converting various forms of energy to rotating or linear mechanical energy. Adjustable Speed Drive: Output speed of drive can be selected from several preset ranges.
Markus Wagner

mechanical engineering

Without context it is quite difficult to choose the correct German or English translation. According to the website more languages will be added soon. Well, you can carry this glossary with you as it is also available as iOS or Android app! It also includes definitions so you also get a lot of in-depth information to the term too. A perfect resource not only for technical translators but also for students of mechanical engineering. If you want to browse through the complete dictionary, just use the search mask.

mechanical engineering

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'mechanical engineering. Send us feedback. Resources for mechanical engineering. Time Traveler for mechanical engineering. See more words from the same year. More Definitions for mechanical engineering. See the full definition for mechanical engineering in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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