And all will be well and all will be well

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and all will be well and all will be well

Julian of Norwich Quotes (Author of Revelations of Divine Love)

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Published 28.12.2018

All Will Be Well

Julian of Norwich

Julian lived in the s in Norwich and served as an Anchoress, which effectively meant that she never left her room attached to the church. As she lived two hundred years before the Reformation, Julian was most definitely a Roman Catholic, and many Anglicans also hold her in high regard. According to Julian, her visions came about at the end of a severe illness which she actually asked God to send her. Seeing it as a way to physically participate in the sufferings of Christ and hoping to better understand God's love, she begged God to bestow on her a year of special suffering when she was 30, the same age when He began His ministry. Julian received a series of fifteen visions of the suffering of Christ and immediately after wrote them down in a short text. Many years later, after contemplating them and praying over their possible meaning, she wrote a much longer text, The Revelations of Divine Love, the first book written in English by a woman. The visions, centering on the Passion and death of Christ, and indeed her whole text can be best summed up in one word: love.

Dear Rev. Comerford, Thank you for a poweful post. I was Googling the quote from Juliana of Norwich when I found your site. As an emergency physician, and father of four, I find myself between between a world of young hope and a world of suffering. Only Christ offers us hope in that place; and a great hope it is. Thank you for the reminder!

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Julian of Norwich is an anchoress—a woman who has set herself apart for God and lives isolated in a cell. Like her contemporaries of , she is Roman Catholic and believes that the last rites give special sanctifying grace and strengthen a sick person bodily and spiritually at death. Recognizing her need for a deeper love of Christ, she has appealed to God for three things:. It seems her unusual prayer is being answered. Julian has indeed become deathly ill.

We are all, I suspect, familiar with the famous expression from Julian of Norwich, now an axiom in our language. Few words better express what we celebrate in the Resurrection of Jesus. Belief in the Resurrection, belief that God raised Jesus from the dead, constitutes the very ground of our Christian faith. We will, in the end, live happily ever after. Life is indeed a fairy tale.

From Norfolk, England, she is credited with the first book written by a woman in the English language. As you know, Aquinas lived a bit before Julian, from His legacy is one of philosophy, aiming to teach that reason is not in all parts opposed to faith, or, as Lewis says it, reconciling Greek philosophy to the heartbeat of Christianity. Immanuel Kant lived after Julian, from If Aquinas tries to bring reason into Christianity, Kant attempts only in part and not solely his focus to draw Christianity out into what he deems the larger landscape of reason and general morality.

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