My brother my brother and me tv show review

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my brother my brother and me tv show review

I Swapped My Brother on the Internet by Jo Simmons

Everyone has dreamed of being able to get rid of their brother or sister at one time or another - but for Jonny, the dream is about to become a reality with! What could be better?

Finding the perfect brother isnt easy, though, as Jonny discovers when Sibling Swap sends him a series of increasingly bizarre replacements for his brother Ted, including:

A merboy

A brother raised by meerkats

The ghost of Henry the Eight!

Suddenly old Ted isnt looking so bad. But can Jonny ever get him back?
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Your Sweet Baby Brother Griffin McElroy - My Brother, My Brother and Me trailer

My Brother, My Brother And Me

Each get upwards of k unique downloads per episode, and regularly chart on iTunes. Their tour dates sell out immediately, and regularly crash the servers of their ticketing partners. While there has been discussion on Twitter about a potential second season, no official announcement has been released. However, this description posted March 13, seems to suggest confirmation. I have reached out to the podcast for any additional information they might be able to provide. I'm Wil, and I hate whales. I also have a lot of feelings about podcasts.

Podcasts have developed as a major media force in the last few years.
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Donald Glover owns Atlanta. Comedy Central is spending time with Detroiters. And by over-the-top, I mean they throw a full-on Spider Parade in downtown Huntington in episode one.

The TV show expands on that basic premise, with the brothers returning to their hometown of Huntington, West Virginia, and attempting to offer practical advice instead of goofy jokes. Of course, the practical advice is always just as goofy as anything else, especially in one episode where a fan asks the brothers to help him convince his wife to let him get a pet tarantula. These guys are real-life brothers, and while they seem to get along better than a lot of other real-life brothers, their chumminess actually drops away at one point when Justin teases Travis a little too much over his crippling fear of spiders. Travis freaks out and punches Justin in the arm, and that would be the whole joke on a different show. On My Brother, My Brother And Me , though, the joke is that this small act of violence is seen as an unconscionably brutal act that prompts the brothers to interrupt their narrative and apologize for acting unprofessional, with Griffin even tattling on Travis to their dad later during one of his many appearances. The episode is based around the brothers celebrating an all-inclusive, nondenominational holiday they made up for the podcast, and most of it involves them running through Huntington as they try to wrangle celebrity guests and decorations for a special live show. Thankfully, the episode is saved by its touching ending, which involves Justin getting teary-eyed about how important his brothers are to him while the other two just laugh—you know, like brothers do.



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  1. The series is great I still watch each episode within an hour of release , but the thing that makes it so, so good is the chemistry between its hosts, real-life brothers Griffin and Justin McElroy.

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