Same sin over and over again

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same sin over and over again

Sinning Quotes (16 quotes)

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Published 29.12.2018

Why Do I Keep Sinning?

Why Do I Keep Doing The Same Sin Over And Over Again?

Hi I just wanted to know , does God forgive you if you keep making the same mistake in a particular area of your life. You want to stop and change but you just keep failing , if though my heart is in the write place but my actions are doing another when it comes to the crunch. Repeating the same sin over and over again , is that making a mokery of God and his word. Many Christians find that they make the same mistake repeatedly. This is especially so if you have years of bad habits to overcome. So rest assured, you are not alone in this struggle.

If you want to comment on this content, go here. They have a sin habituation that has been going on for many years, and they believe it will never go away. In this sense, the gossiper, the fearful, the druggy, the alcoholic, the mocker, the shopper and the porn guy are all the same. It is important to understand when you think about addictions that you also include the more refined addictive sins like frustration, fear, self-righteousness, criticalness, insecurity, and sinful mocking. Christians do not isolate addictive behavior to only the more sensational or socially understood sins like alcohol, homosexuality, and drugs. Sinful, addictive behavior is a result of our fallenness, which brings you to a few obvious questions:.

God can renew our minds to help us avoid repeating the same sins. Instead, I do what I hate. Do you ever feel like you keep repeating the same sins over and over? We are all sinners and we cannot stop ourselves from doing wrong. Fortunately, God can renew our minds to help us avoid repeating the same sins. God created our brains just like our bodies; both of them form habits.

W ill God forgive you if you keep repeating the same sin over and over again? This is a great question because, as I mentioned on our previous Little Lesson , none of us have reached perfection yet.
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By briocht , May 10, in General Discussion. I am really struggling with pornography addiction. It actually is linked to sexual abuse in my past. I get nightmares or bad memories and I end up using it to hurt myself I know it's really messed up. I know this is all wrong on many levels and I don't want to do this but I feel trapped. Anyway my worry is when I sin I ask God to forgive me, but I keep doing the same sin over and over and I keep worrying that this means that I haven't really repented and I read somewhere that it could indicate I've not truly been saved! I am so concerned that God isn't going to forgive me that I am pulling away anyway and that's making everything worse.


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