Car ride trivia questions and answers

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car ride trivia questions and answers

The Longest Ride quiz: 20 questions by Belle

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Published 29.12.2018

Trivia Questions (General Knowledge)

Find out by taking this fun, quick quiz. You may be surprised by the answers to these questions about popular destinations and travel references in pop culture. What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world?

100 Interesting Road Trip Questions That Will Cure Your Boredom

You may want to print a list of states and check the states off as you play. As you drive, look for cars with license plates from different states. Anyone can play, you may play as teams, individually and even as a whole group. This game is not about who wins or loses, but having fun with your family. You may assign point values for certain states and declare a winner based on point totals. You may be creative and make your own cards, or you can find and print bingo card templates found on the Internet.

General Trivia Questions

My kids love being asked quiz questions. They delight in getting them right and hopefully see the learning element in the questions they get wrong. Our list of quiz questions for road trips is a mix of questions that would suit ages It was perfect for the long road trip but would also be great to use these to extend your family time around the dinner table. Matter of fact, we also have a list of family quiz questions that we love answering at dinner time. So check those out too. Find them here: Family quiz questions to extend dinner time.

On this list, you will find questions appropriate for the occasion. When you have conquered these questions, we have also included a list of 5 car ride trivia games that you can buy from Amazon. When you run out of trivia questions you can pull out one of the following games that are designed for easy travel. These cards are perfect for long or short car rides with the whole family. There are fifty-six compact and easy to carry cards in a lightweight box. They can easily be stored with the books and other activities you carry in the car.

Medium Sized Family uses affiliate links. If you click a link, we could earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Read more. Looking for fun road trip questions that are interesting enough to break up the boredom? These questions are family friendly, but entertaining for everyone! Either way, this list is perfect for you!

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  1. Whether you need to kill time on a road trip or want to learn something new, I've put together interesting trivia Trivia is a game where players are quizzed with obscure questions. Answer: All Quiet on the Western Front . The officers opened fire on the car carrying Bonnie and Clyde as it approached.

  2. Enjoy these fun car ride triva questions and games for kids. These activity from Amazon. Jump to Car Ride Trivia Questions and Answers.

  3. 20 fun questions, trivia, and conversation starters for road trip What country is credited with building the first modern car? Answer: Germany by Answer: Alaska with Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. Bonus!.

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