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rosie from sophia grace and rosie

Show Time With Sophia Grace and Rosie by Sophia Grace Brownlee

So I read the first book, then I read the second book and watch the Video on Ellen. NO doubt these girls are cute and have talent, but I dont leaves me wanting to scratch my head. The Blond cousin just stands there and dances and the dark haired cousin sings...quite well for an 8 year old. The song I heard by Rolling in the deep was A Capella with is REALLY hard for a kid (and she was pretty well on pitch!)

This is story was cute and would be so much cuter if it were true. I want to think it is true, but I doubt it. I love that these bubbly
pink freak girls get their whole class involved with their talents show performance. I like the team work.

This books Vegas Sparkles, but does it really shine?

Wow that was deep!
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TRAVEL VLOG - LA - Rosie McClelland

How old is Sophia Grace? The internet can't believe what she and Rosie look like now

More than million people have watched it. The viral video saw the duo gain international fame: Sophia Grace known as the crazily-gifted singer with a promising future, and her cousin, Rosie, as the fiercely loyal sidekick that every woman deserves. They appeared regularly on the talk show with red carpet interviews, trips to toy shops and performances of them covering their latest favourite song. Social media simply could not get enough of them. Her social media feed is full of a selfies b peace signs and c selfies.

They made their first video just for fun

What I Got For My Birthday - OMG EXTREME SURPRISE - Rosie McClelland

In fact, it might just be two adorable British girls who spring to mind. From there Ellen DeGeneres found the two, and as they say, the rest is history. While it was one song that brought the girls major fame, that's not all there is to know about them. So let's take a closer look at Sophia Grace and Rosie and some untold truths about the young stars. When their soon-to-be viral video was first posted, Sophia Grace was only 8 years old and Rosie was only 4. But it wasn't fame the girls or their families were looking for.

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  1. Sophia Grace Brownlee (born 18 April ) and her cousin Rosie McClelland ( born 7 September ), both from Essex, England, make up the duo Sophia.

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