Grapes of wrath chapter 10 questions and answers

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grapes of wrath chapter 10 questions and answers

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

The Pulitzer Prize-winning epic of the Great Depression, a book that galvanized—and sometimes outraged—millions of readers.

First published in 1939, Steinbeck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning epic of the Great Depression chronicles the Dust Bowl migration of the 1930s and tells the story of one Oklahoma farm family, the Joads—driven from their homestead and forced to travel west to the promised land of California. Out of their trials and their repeated collisions against the hard realities of an America divided into Haves and Have-Nots evolves a drama that is intensely human yet majestic in its scale and moral vision, elemental yet plainspoken, tragic but ultimately stirring in its human dignity. A portrait of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless, of one man’s fierce reaction to injustice, and of one woman’s stoical strength, the novel captures the horrors of the Great Depression and probes into the very nature of equality and justice in America. At once a naturalistic epic, captivity narrative, road novel, and transcendental gospel, Steinbeck’s powerful landmark novel is perhaps the most American of American Classics.
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The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Notes from Grapes of Wrath

Ma shares with Tom her worries that the stories about California sound too good to be true. Granpa, however, can't wait to get to California where he will pick fruit and let the juice run down his body. Casy asks Ma and Tom if he can go west with them. Ma says she'd welcome him, but the menfolk have to decide. The truck returns from Sallisaw later that afternoon. Ruthie and Winfield stand in the back of the truck with the pregnant Rose of Sharon and her husband, Connie.

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In their "ancient overloaded Hudson," the Joads begin their trek in earnest. They stop at a service station where the attendant informs them that he has seen family after family moving west, begging to trade personal items and belongings for gasoline. He claims he can't figure out "what the country's comin' to. Tom accuses him of "jus' singin' a kinda song," and of not really wanting to know the answers to his questions. He warns the attendant, "Pretty soon you'll be on the road yourself.

All rights reserved. Tom and Ma Joad have a heart-to-heart about California.
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The Grapes of Wrath

After Al leaves with a truckload of farm implements and household items to sell in town, Tom wanders around the farm and then sits down in the doorway to the kitchen. From the kitchen, Ma talks with Tom about her doubts that California will be as great as the ads make it out to be., Tom and Ma Joad discuss California.




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