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john carpenter and debra hill

Debra Hill (Author of The Fog)

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Halloween (1978) Trailer

LOS ANGELES, March 7 - Debra Hill, co-writer of the horror classic director John Carpenter wrote a modern classic in the genre, "Halloween.
Debra Hill

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Debra Hill, who died on Monday aged 54, co-wrote and produced Halloween, the s horror film starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis as a babysitter terrorised by a masked psychopath; the film is now regarded as one of the most influential in the genre and has since spawned hundreds of lesser "slasher" movies. Halloween was the brainchild of Debra Hill and her then boyfriend, the Canadian director John Carpenter. The story, which takes place on Halloween night, revolves around the return to his home town of Michael Myers Nick Castle , an escaped psychopathic killer, while his doctor, Sam Loomis Donald Pleasance , tries to track him down. The film was built on suspense, with surprisingly little graphic violence and almost no blood. Debra Hill was surprised at some critics' accusations that Halloween was misogynistic, and said later that it was "totally unintentional" that the killer seemed to hone in on sexually active teenage girls. In fact, by making Halloween, Debra Hill became a standard-bearer for women in an industry that was dominated by men. John Carpenter: How I made Halloween.

She was Hill's big break came in horror films when she and the director John Carpenter wrote a modern classic in the genre, "Halloween. The film, also directed by Mr. Carpenter and produced by Ms. Hill, starred Jamie Lee Curtis, 20 years old at the time, as a baby sitter terrorized by a murderous psychopath. Hill, Mr.

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The role of women in horror, though getting more attention with each subsequent year, still remains woefully underrepresented. From Mary Shelly to The Soska Sisters, members of the female gender have played a crucial role in the creation, propagation, and reception of the horror genre but their relationship with horror, like many cultural institutions, has been problematic and often used as a polemic to justify and naturalize forms of repression. Although there are virtually no film genres that can be held up as paragons of feminist empowerment, the slasher film has been particularly notorious for its ultra-conservative portrayal of women. In Halloween, I viewed the characters as simply normal teenagers. I was never assumed to be the writer or producer. Impressed by her energy and creativity, Carpenter saw in Hill an equal collaborator that could make valuable suggestions and raise his art to another level. Their first collaboration would be one of their finest when in , Hill and Carpenter would transform a cheap exploitation concept of babysitter killings into the iconic Halloween.

It was also an unprecedented commercial smash. That goes for the Halloween name, too, which has since been trick or treated to death with sequels, remakes, and reboots. Although Dark Star quickly came and went, the film developed a cult following, enough that Carpenter was able to follow it up with his thriller Assault on Precinct His idea revolved around babysitters being stalked at night, and when Carpenter and his late co-writer and producer Debra Hill began writing, Yablans suggested it take place on October 31st. Every town has a secret, every town has that lore of something that went horribly wrong with it.

Debra Hill was an American screenwriter and producer most notably associated with the Halloween film franchise. Hill co-wrote the screenplay for the first Halloween film in , taking credit for most of the dialogue between Laurie and her friends, while director John Carpenter wrote most of Loomis 's speeches and the scenes of suspense. Hill developed a close bond with Carpenter whom she had worked with previously on the film Assault on Precinct When the mask was retrieved for the sequel, it had sustained a grimy, grubby appearance that is visible in the film. She also collaborated on several unproduced drafts of Halloween 4 before she sold her share of the rights to Moustapha Akkad.

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  1. Debra Hill (November 10, – March 7, ) was an American film producer and screenwriter, best known for producing various works of John Carpenter.

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