Science of rock and roll

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science of rock and roll

Life of Pi - Ending (Do not look if you have not read) Showing 1-50 of 56

i just happen to watched the film yesterday, got the book but yet to read it. the only things that stuck my mind is the events of two Japanese agents that force pi to made up another story.
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Published 30.12.2018

The Science of Rock 'N' Roll

Have you ever wondered about the science of rock n' roll? How technology has changed this multi-billion dollar industry and affects our everyday lives?

'The Science of Rock 'n' Roll' rocks Science Museum Oklahoma

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. The self-proclaimed music nerd reached back into that institutional memory, as well as his own music and research library, to curate a sprawling new exhibit. From the transistor radio to the fuzz pedal to Napster , the exhibit, launched by local company Elevation Productions , revolves around the innovations that formed the shape of rock — and pop, and hip-hop — to come. Cross points out the patterns that arose over the years. Transistor radios of the baby boomer generation helped create teenage culture and gave rise to the all-powerful DJ.

From mastering the art of mixing to sharing your best or worst! Choose from guitar, bass, keyboards, or drums. Then decide whether you want to go solo or play along with a band. Got the stage presence of Ozzy? The Karaoke app lets you perform famous songs from different genres while your friends listen outside the recording booth. Heather Eslinger, Visitor.

Field Trips that Rock!

While the playful and tuneful exhibition pays due homage to the Beatles, Blondie and the Rolling Stones, it favors framing the development of modern music through technological milestones like eight-track tapes, compact discs and iPods. Reinblatt, managing director of Elevation Productions, which produces exhibitions for museums and science centers. While album covers and band T-shirts are tucked into the glass cases, Reinblatt said the exhibit goes well beyond the usual displays of mementos. Everyone's attracted to the hands-on stuff. Among the 10, square feet of rock 'n' roll in the exhibit are stations where people can try their hand at electric guitars, keyboards and drums.

Courtesy Everett Collection. There is angst, poetry, sex and raw-power in rock music. There is also science. Places, he says, "where you put your hands behind your back and look at costumes behind the glass, which is wonderful in its own way. Just the sort of arcs Reinblatt was looking for. The center is open daily 9 a. It typically takes two weeks to set up and one week to tear down.


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  1. We may think of music as an art form, but every note we hear can be understood in relation to scientific principles.

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