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law and order svu dark legacy

Lethal Legacy (Alexandra Cooper, #11) by Linda Fairstein

PROTAGONIST: Alexandra (Alex) Cooper, Assistant District Attorney
SETTING: Manhattan, New York

There are many authors whose books are not only associated with a specific protagonist but also a particular setting. George Pelecanos writes of the Washington, DC, area; Michael Connelly of Los Angeles. Linda Fairstein focuses on New York City and includes many little known facts in her books featuring Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Alexandra (Alex) Cooper.

The latest case that Alex is looking at along with her usual homicide detective colleagues Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace is quite unusual. A man disguises himself as a firefighter and sets a small fire outside a womans apartment so that he can gain access to her home. Once inside, he sexually assaults the victim, Tina Barr. Tina is very reticent about revealing any of the details of the attack. Only days later, another woman turns up dead in her apartment. Karla Vastasi is at first mistaken for a wealthy heiress named Minerva Hunt. Tina is a respected conservator at the New York Public Library; and as it turns out, Minerva Hunts family has a lot of ties with the NYPL. When Tina goes missing, the focus of the investigation turns to the library.

Fairstein takes us deep into the world of NYPL, its physical plant, its collections of rare books and maps and its secrets. One of the major faults of the book is the fact that she takes us too deeply into this world—there are far too many arcane details about the maps, the buildings and the history of the library and surrounding area. I felt like I was attending a group of research lectures. For every topic that comes up, theres a character who is an expert who blathers on and on and on about it. The sections dealing with the rare maps were especially trying—it is hard to follow a description of a complicated map without seeing it. There was an excessive amount of dialog and not enough action.

The characters in Lethal Legacy never came to life for me. I wondered why Alex was so deeply involved in the actual homicide investigation, appearing at the scenes with the detectives. Perhaps Im misguided, but I dont believe that an Assistant DA would serve the role of secondary homicide detective. Ive never cared for the character of Mike Chapman. His habit of referring to Alex as Blondie and to females as broads drives me to distraction. On the other hand, Mercer had no distinct personality. I would be hard pressed to provide a minimal description of him. Finally, there is Luc Rouget, Alexs French lover and chef—there is absolutely no chemistry there, and the relationship feels forced. There are little hints that Alex and Mike should be together which boggles my mind.

I didnt care for Lethal Legacy at all. I was never engaged by the characters, and the investigation is almost an afterthought. Although there were some interesting tidbits provided in the various research lectures, the overwhelming amount of information presented on each topic bored me to tears. I know that this is a very popular series; but frankly, I dont see the appeal.
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