Hot coffee and cold winter mornings

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hot coffee and cold winter mornings

Quote by Terri Guillemets: “Hot coffee and cold winter mornings are two of ...”

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Published 31.12.2018

Cozy Mornings - A Sunday Chill Mix ♫

Terri Guillemets — 'Hot coffee and cold winter mornings are two of the best soul mates who ever did find each other.'.

Hot coffee at cold winter morning

This happened yesterday, too. It happens most mornings in the months of January and February because I am an inveterate winter iced coffee drinker. Now, in New York, this habit comes to the shock—and sometimes scorn—of baristas, coworkers, and people I meet in elevators and sidewalks everywhere. As the internet has shown me, people seem to do this everywhere that cold weather also exists, and across the internet, we have been called crazy , a cult , and even compared to dudes who wear shorts in the winter way harsh. We have been unfairly maligned. Drinking iced coffee in the winter might actually be better than drinking it in the summer. If you think about it, the cold weather basically just helps you maximize your coffee enjoyment.

I love coffee. Actually, don't we all love coffee? You can call me a Gilmore Girl because I'm all about my morning coffee intake. Hook me up to an IV? As long as it's pumping coffee we're cool. I'm not too picky when it comes to how I like my cup of joe.

I love my work and that special morning every day when I meet my cool colleagues in office. Wait, but is that the same story in child winters too…?
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How to make Choco Latte - A yummy hot chocolate drink for cold winter mornings with nachos or cookie

From opening your eyes to rushing out the door, winter mornings are never easy. But, every year we know we have to deal with it, so why not get some gadgets to make it a little easier? Here are 5 of the most helpful, smart home gadgets to make your winter morning routine more bearable. First, you have to actually get out of bed. If you have trouble waking up without the sun shining in your window, you can emulate the summer rays with the Phillips Wake-up light. Instead of that annoying alarm beeping noise, the light will gently wake you, leaving you feeling more refreshed for the day.

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