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highlights kids com games and giggles

The Giggle Game by A.J. Cosmo

After a long day filled with fun and play, that dreaded moment comes…. Bedtime. Suddenly, the happiness of the day is replaced by anxiety, resistance and struggle – and that’s just for the parents!

But what if Bedtime doesn’t have to be a constant battle? What if there was a way to make this nightly ritual… fun?

‘The Giggle Game’ transforms this difficult time into a magic moment, engaging both parent and child in an imaginative game that releases energy, inspires creativity and produces giggle after giggle!

Try not to laugh as you and your children neigh like horses or croak like frogs, purr like a kitten or make your voice go low and soft as a mouse. Specially crafted to engage young children and ‘get the giggles out’, each page is decked with a colorful illustration and instructions that slowly progress from energetic to quiet and still, guiding them naturally to the calm that leads to sleep.

Delightful and inspired, “The Giggle Game” is sure to be a favorite for your young children, quickly becoming a fixture in your own nightly rituals.
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The joy they were born with should always be nurtured. These books are a gift to them and to the world. Parents, grandparents and teachers will appreciate the themes and guidance in these pages. Giggles and Joy is an exciting and new initiative, focused on sharing spiritual life lessons for kids, aged , through various forms of media. It is a project from my heart for the kids, parents, care-givers and teachers of this world. Giggles and Joy is an opportunity to add some light to this world and to all the children who are eager to be reminded of their perfection, their limitless nature and their inherent goodness.

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Kids will love the huge variety of word scrambles, fill-ins, simple Sudoku, matching games, secret codes and more in the Giggles Invisible Ink Book. A special marker reveals the answers for a hint of mystery and surprise on every page. The clues to the search-and-find games are hidden in the stories, waiting to be revealed by the invisible ink marker. The marker also highlights the code so kids can solve the riddles. There are so many ways to have fun on every page! A sturdy cardboard support is included with each game pad.

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