Connie and carla maybe this time

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connie and carla maybe this time

A Dangerous Man by Connie Brockway

Mercy Coltrane, a brash young American woman, travels to England to search for her estranged brother.  Strident in her quest, she seeks out the help of Hart Moreland, whom she knew years ago as Duke the Gunslinger, the hired gun her father enlisted to protect his land.  Now Earl of Perth, Hart is back in his native England in a hard-earned position of respect and power, and the last thing he wants is a reminder of his dishonorable past.  But Mercy Coltrane proves to be much more than just a painful reminder of the life he left behind.  Vibrant, beautiful, and witty, Mercy embodies the life of happiness that Hart desperately craves.  Connie Brockway is an author who understands the underlying fantasy of romance and dazzles readers with her emotional perception of love.  She writes with keen intelligence about the most important desires of the human heart.
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Running time. 98 minutes. Country, United States. Language, English. Budget, $27 million. Box office, $ million. Connie and Carla is a American comedy film directed by Michael Lembeck and starring Cabaret – Connie and Carla perform "Maybe This Time" at their audition at The Handlebar. Evita – Connie and.
Connie Brockway

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This vanity project begins with failed cabaret singers Connie Vardalos and Carla Toni Collette witnessing a murder and making their way to a culture-less Los Angeles with a secret stash of cocaine. For some reason, the thugs looking for Connie and Carla assume they joined a new cabaret act, and as such make their way across the country visiting one dinner theater after another. This gives way to countless more renditions of bad musical numbers from South Pacific to Evita. Because Connie and Carla dutifully abuses the power of recognition, theater queens will eat this shit up. Connie and Carla are here to teach downtrodden queens to believe in themselves, and Vardalos is more than happy to play the warrior fag hag. Not only that, but she also gets the guy!

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The plot is creaky, the jokes are laborious, and total implausibility is not considered the slightest problem. Now they're in their 30s, stardom has definitively passed them by, and they perform a medley of musical comedy hits in an airport lounge that resembles no airport lounge in history, but does look a lot like somebody's rec room with some tables and chairs and a cheesy stage. The guys they date beg them to face facts: They'll never really be any good. But they still dream the dream, and then, in a direct lift from "Some Like It Hot," they witness a mob murder and have to go on the lam. The way this scene is handled is typical of the film's ham-handed approach: They're hiding in a parking garage when their boss is rubbed out, so what do they do? Stay hidden? Nope, they both stand up, scream and wave their hands.

Connie: We need to hide someplace where there are no dinner theaters. In fact, we need to hide someplace where is no theater period, no culture whatsoever. TV Shows. They witness a murder, and the killer knows it, so they hightail it out to West Hollywood, where with the help of poodle wigs and garish cosmetics they blend in with the performing drag queens at the Handlebar club, where queer makeovers are fabulously mandatory. Connie that's Vardalos, to Collette's ditzy Carla gets the hots for a drag queen's straight brother David Duchovny , and even Debbie Reynolds pitches in to give a show that any gay crowd would love. There are some well-earned laughs along the way, but the whole thing feels like a sitcom we've seen before, which pretty much summarizes Vardalos's career to date. Vardalos has genuine comedic talent and so does Collette , but it's adrift in this hash of old ideas.

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