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Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans! - AUNT JODI CONTROVERSY Showing 1-31 of 31

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Published 31.12.2018

Kate Plus 8 Fall Family Updates 2019

The show itself tells the captivating story of couple Kate and Jon Gosselin who were parents to a set of twins and a set of sextuplets.

Introducing … Jon & Kate Plus 8

Nanny Exclusive on The Insider? Well it turns out, they also found the woman that Kate hired to help her find a nanny during that "nannies" episode. My goodness who ISN'T getting paid? Go figure, I actually remember seeing her on the show and she had nothing but RAVES about how wonderful the Gosselins were "Kate knew exactly what she wanted. We saw nothing but loving, wonderful parents while we were there.

May 24, Again, this is the last post for this blog. Kate Blogging On TLC: Party With The Paparazzi (Please Jon & Kate Plus 8 Meets Genuine Reality.
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We want the public to have the entire, truthful version of Jon and Kate's current situation so that, if they choose to donate, they are doing so under full disclosure. We want a provide a forum to respectfully discuss the show with other posters. We want child labor laws to recognize that children in reality shows deserve the same protection that children in scripted shows have. Gosselins Without Pity. Kate's Dating Show. After rumors and rumblings, TLC is finally going to begin airing the show June 2.

Unfortunately, like many reality TV families, Jon and Kate Gosselin had a lot of skeletons in their closets…and more come out everyday. Here are the scandals the family tried but failed to hide. Perhaps the most egregious tale about the Gosselin machine is that the family copied another family's hyper-fertile trajectory. Hoffman said his book points out "eerie, and some downright creepy, similarities" between McCaughey and the Gosselins, whose sextuplets were born nearly 7 years after McCaughey's multiples. According to the author, both mothers were strongly opposed to reducing the number of babies in their wombs and both claimed to be devout Christians, using the phrase "God gave us these kids.

And after a highly-publicized divorce and battle for custody over their many kids, it seems not all the children are on good terms with their father. We know the divorce between Jon and Kate was messy — and the discussion of custody certainly came up. While Jon tried to have custody of the children, several news outlets reported Kate won. Today, she still reportedly maintains custody of the twins and sextuplets. Generally speaking, the kids seemingly have no complaints with their mother being their primary caretaker, though there was talk that Jon may have won a more recent custody battle for Hannah, one of the sextuplets.

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