Occupational health and safety in construction project management

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occupational health and safety in construction project management

Integrating Work Health and Safety Into Construction Project Management by Helen Lingard

Provides insights into how health and safety can be more effectively integrated into the procurement, design, and management of construction projects

This book aims to explore the ways in which technological, organizational, and cultural strategies can be combined and integrated into construction project management to produce sustained and significant health and safety (H&S) improvements. It looks at design and safety practices, work organization, workforce engagement and learning, and offers ideas for producing systemic change.

Integrating Work Health and Safety into Construction Project Management addresses how best to achieve safety in design through the adoption of a stakeholder management approach. It instructs on how to drive H&S improvements through supply chain integration and responsible procurement and project management practices. It examines the components of a culture for health and safety and the development of a cultural maturity model. The book discusses the potential to improve H&S through the provision of conditions of work that afford workers a positive work-life balance. It also covers how advanced technologies and the application of techniques developed from health informatics can support real time analysis and improvement of H&S in construction. Lastly, it looks at the benefits associated with engaging workers and using their tacit H&S knowledge to inform work process improvements.

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Provides new and non-traditional ways of thinking about H&S Focuses on technological, organizational, and cultural integration Offers a multi-disciplinary perspective provided by an internationally recognized research team from the social sciences, engineering, construction/project management, and psychology Presents, in detail, the collective analysis from a broad-ranging ten year program of collaborative research Contains a rich range of industry case studies Integrating Work Health and Safety into Construction Project Management is an excellent resource for academics and researchers engaged in research in construction H&S, as well as for postgraduates taking construction project management and H&S courses. It will also be beneficial to consultants, policy advisors, construction project managers and H&S professionals.
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Occupational Health and Safety OHS Training

Occupational health and safety in construction project management

This page requires that javascript be enabled for some elements to function correctly. Construction management is a professional discipline applied to construction planning, design, and process. Professional construction managers CMs address the needs of owners by providing management services and expertise tailored to the project, independent of the chosen contract format or project delivery method. CMs apply comprehensive project controls to help manage the critical issues of time, cost, scope, quality, and safety. They can help improve worker safety by integrating safety and health into all aspects of the construction process, from the design phase to jobsite management. Hazards in construction management are addressed in specific standards for the construction industry. Provides links, organized by topic, provide resources to assist professional managers in creating a safer work environment.

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Due to the high number of accidents that occur in construction and the consequences this has for workers, organizations, society and countries, occupational safety and health OSH has become a very important issue for stakeholders to take care of the human resource. For this reason, and in order to know how OSH research in the construction sector has evolved over time, this article—in which articles published in English were studied—presents an analysis of research conducted from to The classification of documents was carried out following the Occupational Safety and Health Cycle which is composed of five steps: regulation, education and training, risk assessment, risk prevention, and accident analysis. With the help of tree diagrams we show that evolution takes place. In addition, risk assessment, risk prevention, and accident analysis were the research topics with the highest number of papers.

Lean principles ensure everyone is on the same page from day one of a project and that each team member maintains a shared understanding of tasks, risks, goals, and procedures throughout construction. In any construction project, the aspiration is to be injury-free. Construction site accidents cause human suffering and reduce morale, are financially burdensome, delay project delivery and decrease the overall success of a project. The unfortunate reality today, however, is that if you have been a part of the building, design and construction world for any significant amount of time, odds are good that you have witnessed a co-worker get injured on the job or you yourself have sustained an injury—be it from a fall, misplaced tool, unclear instructions, or any number of possible causes that plague an environment that is far more dangerous than it needs to be. Unsafe sites should not be the norm.

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  1. Summary. With the increase in legislation and the drive for ever-greater efficiency and accountability, health and safety in construction is becoming an.

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