Valentines day cat and dog

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valentines day cat and dog

Here Comes Valentine Cat by Deborah Underwood

Cat does NOT like Valentines Day. Its much too mushy, and no way is he making anyone a valentine—especially not his new neighbor, Dog. Dog refuses to respect the fence. He keeps tossing over old bones and hitting Cat in the head! But just as Cat’s about to send Dog an angry valentine telling him exactly what he can do with his bones, Dog throws a ball over the fence. What is Dog playing at?
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Top 8 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Dog/ Cat

An extra walk and some extra time cuddling or playing cost nothing and will be greatly appreciated by your cat or dog. The extra exercise and snuggle time is a healthy, happy choice for you as well. Dogs will readily ingest toxic amounts of chocolate, and keep us busy here at Pet Poison Helpline at this time of year. If you have cats, please watch out for flower bouquets that include lilies, as lilies are very toxic to cats. Rich foods can cause stomach upset and possibly pancreatitis when ingested by pets.

Skip to: content. Image via carterandtoby. Image via kingsleyandsailor. Image via mommasgonecity. Image via sebastianlovesluna. Image via simonthejackchi. Check out these handpicked items , perfect for your Valentine's day loving pooch!

We've been searching for the perfect gift for our lovable cats and dogs — and yours! We've found a couple of winners from Etsy that promise to make the day even more special for everyone. Your favorite feline will go crazy for these Sweetheart Catnip Felt Hearts. Your purring pal will definitely agree to be your Valentine. We're head-over-heels in love with this custom-made Sweetheart Be Mine hat from Sweethoots. And — even better! Bartonella is a type bacteria that can be transmitted to cats, dogs and humans from exposure to infected fleas and….

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Love is in the air, and getting purr-esents for your special someone will show them just how much you care! The love between you and your pet is one of a kind, so take this opportunity to have fun celebrating the special bond you share. Or, you can also surprise your significant other by dressing your pet up in an I love mommy or I love daddy T-shirt. Is your pup a su-paw-model that demands attention everywhere she goes? Give the gift of surprises! Not just one surprise, but an entire box full of them!

Customer Service for Subscribers. You probably already know what you'll say and do to show your dog your love this Valentine's Day. But what sort of Valentine would your dog send YOU? A dog wearing a heart… on his head. XOXO, your dog. Love, your dog P.

Is your four-legged friend your Valentine this year? Treat your dog to a hike or a longer walk. New scents will stimulate them, and the energy they burn will mean a nice long nap when they get home. Treat your feline friend to a Catnip Kicker. Our Catnip Kickers are new and improved for , and have gotten plenty of pawsitive reviews from our customers. Cats love our organic, stemless catnip and you can rest easy knowing that our kickers are durable and ready for play time. I am so happy to now offer North Woods Animal Treats in our shop.

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  1. Valentines Day which is marked on the 14th day of February is without a doubt one of the most joyous days of the year.

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