Indian cities and their capitals

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indian cities and their capitals

Capital: The Eruption of Delhi by Rana Dasgupta

A portrait of Delhi and its new elites—and a story of global capitalism unbound

Commonwealth Prize–winning author Rana Dasgupta examines one of the most important trends of our time: the growth of the global elite. Since the economic liberalization of 1991, wealth has poured into India, and especially into Delhi. Capital bears witness to the extraordinary transmogrification of India’s capital city, charting its emergence from a rural backwater to the center of the new Indian middle class. No other city on earth better embodies the breakneck, radically disruptive nature of the global economy’s growth over the past twenty years.

India has not become a new America, though. It more closely resembles post–Soviet Russia with its culture of tremendous excess and undercurrents of gangsterism. But more than anything else, India’s capital, Delhi, is an avatar for capitalism unbound. Capital is an intimate portrait of this very distinct place as well as a parable for where we are all headed.

In the style of V. S. Naipaul’s now classic personal journeys, Dasgupta travels through Delhi to meet with extraordinary characters who mostly hail from what Indians call the new Indian middle class, but they are the elites, by any measure. We first meet Rakesh, a young man from a north Indian merchant family whose business has increased in value by billions of dollars in recent years. As Dasgupta interviews him by his mammoth glass home perched beside pools built for a Delhi sultan centuries before, the nightly party of the new Indian middle class begins. To return home, Dasgupta must cross the city, where crowds of Delhi’s workers, migrants from the countryside, sleep on pavements. The contrast is astonishing. 

In a series of extraordinary meetings that reveals the attitudes, lives, hopes, and dreams of this new class, Dasgupta meets with a fashion designer, a tech entrepreneur, a young CEO, a woman who has devoted her life to helping Delhi’s forgotten poor—and many others. Together they comprise a generation on the cusp, like that of fin-de-siècle Paris, and who they are says a tremendous amount about what the world will look like in the twenty-first century.

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Capital and States in India - Animated Video - Tour the States

States and Capitals of India

This is a list of selected cities, towns, and other populated places in India , ordered alphabetically by state or territory. See also city ; urban planning. List of cities and towns in India. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback.

India, also known as the Republic of India is located in South Asia. India is the 7th largest country and the second most populous country in the world. The official language is Hindi and English, but there is no national language stipulated by the constitution of India. Hindi is the most commonly spoken language followed by Punjabi and then Urdu. Indo-Aryan is the largest ethnic group followed by Dravidian and then the Mongoloid. Delhi is divided into two parts; the Old Delhi and New Delhi.

Let's take a look at the states and their capitals. India Today Web Desk: New Delhi; September 22, ; UPDATED: September 24, IST. Indian.
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States and Capitals

Geography -India Map with States and Capitals for D Sc,Group 1,Group 2 Exams Study Material

India i. The states and union territories are further subdivided into districts and smaller administrative divisions. The Constitution was adopted on 26 November and came into force on 26 January The boundaries of Indian states are reorganised on the linguistic basis by the States Reorganisation Act, Andhra Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh.

India is a country located in southern Asia. With over 1. It is a federal constitutional republic governed under a parliamentary system consisting of 28 states and 9 union territories. The remaining five union territories are directly ruled by the central government through appointed administrators. In , under the States Reorganisation Act , states were reorganised on a linguistic basis. Each state or union territory is further divided into administrative districts.

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  2. Map of India showing 29 States and Capitals of India including Find the list of all 29 Indian states and 7 union territories and their India, New Delhi . Delhi City Map INR view details · India Detailed Map INR

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