Zeus and hades fight together

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zeus and hades fight together

Have a Hot Time, Hades! (Myth-O-Mania, #1) by Kate McMullan

Dads gut was so big that it wasnt crowded, even with the five of us down there. Of course, every once in a while, we got on one anothers nerves. Poseidon was always trying to organize swimming meets. Hestia was always tidying up the place. Hera was the bossy one, always telling the rest of us what to do. But Demeter was definitely the weirdest. She was always going on and on about wanting to plant a little vegetable garden.But, hey, we were family.

We all grew up in Dads belly together.

When Hades and his siblings were born, their father, Cronus, Ruler of the Universe, swallowed them whole -- just because of a prophecy that said one of his children would be mightier than he was. Can Hades and his brothers and sisters overthrow their big, bad dad and take over the universe? Its sure to be a hot time, Hades!
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Immortals (2011) - Gods Fight Final Scene

Hades is the Lord of the Dead and has the riches of the earth. He happens to control millions of undead soldiers. He doesn't have a throne on Olympus : but we still love him.
Kate McMullan

All About Hades in Greek Mythology

He is the oldest son of the Titans Cronos and Rhea and husband of Persephone. He was also a minor supporting character in God of War and a major antagonist in God of War III where he was eventually confronted by his nephew , who after a fierce duel, tore off the god's helmet before killing him by absorbing his soul with his own weapons. Hades was the ancient Greek god of the Underworld and the brother of Zeus, but his name was shared with the abode of the dead. According to myth, he along with his younger brothers Zeus and Poseidon defeated the Titans in battle and took over rulership of the cosmos; ruling the Underworld, Sky, and Sea, respectively; the solid earth, the long province of Gaia , was available to all three concurrently. The corresponding Etruscan god was Aita and the corresponding Canaanite god was Mot.

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Hades was a god of death and the dead. He was also known as the King of the underworld because, after the war with the Titans , he has received the realm of the dead under his control. Hades was rarely seen outside his domain, but was allowed to have powers also on earth. Therefore people, who were still alive, were reluctant to swear an oath in his name, because they were so afraid of him coming for them as it was believed in those times that he could hear the voices calling his name. To some of them even calling his name 'Hades' was frightening. Hades was also known as a god of hidden wealth which referred to fertile soil as well as to the precious metals, such as sliver and gold. He was believed to have control over everything that was buried.

Hades received the underworld, Zeus the sky, and Poseidon the sea, with the solid earth, long the province of Gaia , available to all three concurrently. Hades was often portrayed with his three-headed guard dog Cerberus. The origin of Hades' name is uncertain, but has generally been seen as meaning "the unseen one" since antiquity. An extensive section of Plato 's dialogue Cratylus is devoted to the etymology of the god's name, in which Socrates is arguing for a folk etymology not from "unseen" but from "his knowledge eidenai of all noble things". Martin Litchfield West argues instead for an original meaning of "the one who presides over meeting up" from the universality of death. This deity was a mixture of the Greek god Hades and the Eleusinian icon Ploutos, and from this he also received a priestess, which was not previously practiced in Greece.

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