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paul and the law rosner

Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God by Brian S. Rosner

Preachings Preachers Guide to the Best Bible Reference for 2014 (Pauline Studies)For neither circumcision counts for anything nor uncircumcision, but keeping the commandments of God (1 Cor 7:19). The apostle Pauls relationship to the Law of Moses is notoriously complex and much studied. Difficulties begin with questions of definition (of the extent of Pauls corpus and the meanings of the law) and are exacerbated by numerous problems of interpretation of the key texts. Major positions are entrenched, yet none of them seems to know what to do with all the pieces of the puzzle. Inextricably linked to Pauls view of the law is his teaching concerning salvation history, Israel, the church, anthropology, ethics and eschatology. Understanding Paul and the law is critical to the study of the New Testament, because it touches on the perennial question of the relationship between the grace of God in the gift of salvation and the demand of God in the call for holy living. Misunderstanding can lead to distortions of one or both. This New Studies in Biblical Theology volume is something of a breakthrough, bringing neglected evidence to the discussion and asking different questions of the material, while also building on the work of others. Brian Rosner argues that Paul undertakes a polemical re-evaluation of the Law of Moses, which involves not only its repudiation as law-covenant and its replacement by other things, but also its wholehearted re-appropriation as prophecy (with reference to the gospel) and as wisdom (for Christian living). Addressing key issues in biblical theology, the works comprising New Studies in Biblical Theology are creative attempts to help Christians better understand their Bibles. The NSBT series is edited by D. A. Carson, aiming to simultaneously instruct and to edify, to interact with current scholarship and to point the way ahead.
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16. Paul as Jewish Theologian

Back to issue. Few issues in NT study are as significant—or as hotly contested— as Paul's view of the OT law. Brian Rosner's ambitious goal in Paul and the Law.
Brian S. Rosner

Paul and the Law : Keeping the Commandments of God

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Keeping the Commandments of God

What is the Christian to do with the Old Testament law? There are many other implications of how we treat the Mosaic law: issues such as law and gospel, and theological systems such as dispensationalism and covenant theology. Navigating these questions is not easy, and one could not hope to answer all in one book, but Brian Rosner has attempted to address perhaps the most important consideration, namely, Paul and the law. Some scholars accuse Paul of inaccuracy or inconsistency, but Rosner rightly believes that Paul had a coherent theology that he had carefully thought through in light of the coming of Christ. Rosner sees much of our confusion on the topic as stemming from our not allowing Paul to say one thing at one time. We must not only look at the individual trees, but also the forest itself. So what does Paul do with the law?

By Andrew Wilson Monday 1 July If that describes your experience in any way, then you would probably benefit from listening to this outstanding lecture by Brian Rosner, an Australian New Testament scholar and author of Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God. Paul says we are not under the Law Rom , but then quotes from it to teach Christian ethics Eph ; he says we have died to the Law like a woman whose husband has died Rom , but also that it is holy, righteous and good ; and in his most obvious polarity, he says that Christ has abolished the Law Eph , and yet that we do not abolish the Law but uphold it Rom This, Rosner rightly says, is a formidable challenge for the New Testament interpreter, and has implications for soteriology, anthropology, eschatology and theology, among other things. Methodologically, Rosner argues, three things need to be done in handling Paul and the Law correctly. First, we need to look at all Pauline material, rather than as is the scholarly fashion being restricted to Romans and Galatians, with hints of Philippians and the Corinthian letters, and no sign at all of Ephesians, Colossians or the Pastorals. Secondly, we need to look at the issue hermeneutically: how is Paul reading and interpreting the Torah?

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  1. Here’s a brief summary of the central argument in Brian Rosner’s very helpful book on the law in Pauline theology. Brian S. Rosner, Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God, Apollos/InterVarsity, (available here from and thinkivp). So, following Donald.

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