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secret history of twin peaks cd

The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost

Diane, it’s 8:43 p.m. on May the 22, and I have just completed what I believe to be a monumental and not insignificant undertaking: over the course of the last 10 days, I have successfully devoured all 30 episodes of the original “Twin Peaks” show, survived the bleak terror that is “Fire Walk with Me,” consumed all four episodes of Showtime’s new season, and now–last, but certainly not least–I have dissected all 368 fascinating pages of Mark Frost’s “The Secret History of Twin Peaks.”

Diane, while I will admit that I am, at least for the moment, feeling a bit “Twin Peaks”-ed out, please also believe me when I tell you that I am also feeling something else right now, something that–if I am not mistaken–bears a striking resemblance to love. Much like the love that I have for donuts. Or coffee. Especially coffee.

Forgive my rambling, Diane, but it just can’t be helped; when you experience something as wonderful as “Twin Peaks” for the first time, cogency and focus are among the first casualties. In particular, “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” is something to behold, a literary tour de force that’s every bit as absorbing as the television program that inspired it (if not MORE so). While I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Mark Frost in person, the man’s inventiveness cannot, and should not, be overlooked.

Allow me a moment to ponder something aloud: although the brilliance of “Twin Peaks” often seems to be attributed solely to David Lynch–not shocking, given his flashy and defiantly non-mainstream style–I can’t help but suspect, now having read “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” and all of its labyrinthine detours into conspiracies and the realms of the paranormal, that it’s actually Frost’s uncanny ability to construct worlds and mythologies that pull the reader/viewer into their absorbing depths that is every bit as responsible for this property’s success. “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” is a testament to Frost’s constructive genius–somehow, the man manages to weave everything from UFOs, the Freemasons, Aleister Crowley, ancient Indian spirits, L. Ron Hubbard, Lewis and Clark, and even Richard Nixon together into a cohesive and original vision that is as baffling as it is hypnotic.

What I’m trying to say, Diane–and again, please forgive my rambling, I now fear that perhaps I shouldn’t have had that extra cup this morning–is that this is a damn fine book, filled with damn fine research, damn fine Easter eggs, and good old fashioned, damn fine storytelling panache, and you simply MUST find the time to check it out for yourself, Diane–preferably after you’re done transcribing my tapes, of course. And preferably consumed with a cup of Good Morning America to go with it.
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Twin Peaks Unwrapped: The Secret History of Twin Peaks

Aug 17, The audiobook of Mark Frost's Twin Peaks novel will feature the voices of Kyle The Secret History of Twin Peaks (Book/CD Release).
Mark Frost

The Secret History of Twin Peaks: A Novel (CD-Audio)

The Secret History of Twin Peaks is an epistolary dossier-style novel by Mark Frost , which provides background information on the history of the fictional town and characters from the television series Twin Peaks. The book was published in October , several months before the debut of a new season of the series in May The book takes the form of a dossier of documents, letters, clippings and notes compiled by an unnamed individual referred to as The Archivist. The dossier was recovered in a steel lockbox at an undisclosed crime scene, and has been assigned by Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Gordon Cole to an FBI analyst with the initials "TP" for review and investigation. The documents are presented in a roughly chronological order, beginning with the exploration of the area by the Lewis and Clark Expedition , correspondence with President Thomas Jefferson , and Meriwether Lewis 's mysterious death in The next section concerns the flight of the Nez Perce people from the area, with their leader Chief Joseph. Both Lewis and Joseph are mentioned to have experienced "vision quests" in the area where Twin Peaks would be founded.

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From the co-creator of the landmark series, the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for 25 long years. A vastly layered, wide-ranging history that deepens the mysteries of the iconic town in ways that will thrill disciples of the original series, and will prep fans for the upcoming Showtime series like nothing else out there. Of the audiobook, creator Mark Frost says, "I am thrilled that both original cast members and new actors will be coming together on this project to bring this other aspect of the world of Twin Peaks to life. Skip to main content. Search Search. Advanced Search. Description From the co-creator of the landmark series, the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for 25 long years.

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  1. Mark Frost is an American novelist, screenwriter, director and film producer, best known as a writer for the television series Hill Street Blues and as the co-creator.

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