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dean koontz frankenstein lost souls

Lost Souls (Dean Koontzs Frankenstein #4) by Dean Koontz

#1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz raises the stakes—and the suspense—taking his Frankenstein saga to a dynamic new level with the riveting story of a small town under siege, where good and evil, destruction and creation, converge as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. 

The war against humanity has begun. In the dead hours of the night, a stranger enters the home of the mayor of Rainbow Falls, Montana. The stranger is in the vanguard of a wave of intruders who will invade other homes . . . offices . . . every local institution, assuming the identities and the lives of those they have been engineered to replace. Before the sun rises, the town will be under full assault, the opening objective in the new Victor Frankenstein’s trajectory of ultimate destruction. Deucalion—Victor’s first, haunted creation—saw his maker die in New Orleans two years earlier. Yet an unshakable intuition tells him that Victor lives—and is at work again. Within hours Deucalion will come together with his old allies, detectives Carson O’Connor and Michael Maddison, Victor’s engineered wife, Erika Five, and her companion Jocko to confront new peril. Others will gather around them. But this time Victor has a mysterious, powerful new backer, and he and his army are more formidable, their means and intentions infinitely more deadly, than ever before.
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Frankenstein, Four: Lost Souls Audiobook by Dean Koontz

It made the time fly as fast as the Boeing I was on.
Dean Koontz

Frankenstein: Lost Souls: A Novel

It is a bold, raucous narrative that moves at lightning speed. This is the fourth book in the saga and the beginning of a brand new story arc. In the opening trilogy, which took place in New Orleans, the year-old obsessed genius set about creating an army of super clones who would ultimately replace imperfect humans as the new dominant species on Earth. What they were not aware of was Frankenstein had cloned himself and this doppelganger came to life upon the death of the original. Lost Souls opens two years later after the first conflict to find Carson and Michael have married, moved to San Francisco, opened a private detective agency, and had a child, a beautiful baby girl named Scout. He has learned that his creator is still alive and hiding in the small town of Rainbow Falls, Montana. What the patchwork warrior does not know is that his cloned nemesis is completely insane and unlike his predecessor, has but one goal: the total annihilation of all mankind, both originals and replicants.

Lost Souls is the fourth novel of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series. The war against humanity has begun. Only now things will be different. It is up to five people to prove him wrong. In their hands rests nothing less than the survival of humanity itself. They are drawn together in different ways, by omens sinister and wondrous, to the same shattering conclusion: Two years after they saw him die, the man they knew as Victor Helios lives on. Yet in the midst of their peril, love will blossom, and joy, and they will discover sources of strength and perseverance they could not have imagined.

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. I tried and tried to get through this but I couldn't I know I made it past page Koontz jumped the shark with this book because it went so far off the Frankenstein storyline it's not even funny. So apparently Victor Frankenstein is still alive I'm okay with that , Deucalion cured the boy's autism I'm kinda okay with that , Erica and the ugly gnome are living together happily I'm okay with that.

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