Do we go to heaven as soon as we die

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do we go to heaven as soon as we die

Spanish American War: A History From Beginning to End by Hourly History

Spanish-American War
“A splendid little war “- that’s how one contemporary observer described the Spanish-American War, a war that is arguably one of the most important wars ever fought. The duration was short and the victory decisive, thus little and splendid, the latter, at least, from the victor’s point of view. The impacts of the war, however, were anything but little. In fact, the aftermath of the Spanish-American War is still affecting global affairs today. The dominant superpowers of 1898 watched as a new player on the international scene, the United States, shifted its ideology from isolationism to expansionism, and emerged as a force to reckoned with, a true superpower.

Inside you will read about...
✓ Prelude to War
✓ First Blood
✓ The Pacific Theatre
✓ The Caribbean Theatre
✓ War’s End
And much more!

The result was a series of bloody battles fought in both the Caribbean and the Pacific over Spanish territorial holdings. This eBook takes the reader on a journey from what set the stage for war to the aftermaths that continue to impact each of the players in the present day. From the explosion that sank the USS Maine to the recent détente in Cuban-American relations, this eBook describes the events and their consequences in a thorough yet concise manner that is enjoyable to read and packed with historical information.
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This Week at CBN: What the Bible Says About Life After Death

Death is the unconquerable foe that has taken over the likes of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. Postulates or theories by minds like Einstein or Stephen Hawking can never be proved upon this subject. So what does the Bible say?
Hourly History

What I saw when I died

Will there be mansions and streets of gold, and will we become angels? This is such an important issue for all of us — death affects all of us indirectly and will obviously affect all of us personally at some point. We try, as a Church and even in society, to describe the ideas of death, resurrection and heaven because that is important to us. Peter Kreeft, my favorite philosopher and a guy who has written a lot about heaven. I imagine this is just an expression we use and, in that regard, it can come across as harmless. However, I do want to point out that, as humans, we most certainly do not become angels when we die.

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We believe in the resurrection of the body. The most common view has been that, at death, the soul immediately goes to be with God and there is a continuity of personal existence. There is no interruption of life at the end of this life, but we continue to be alive in our personal souls upon death. There are those who have been influenced by a cultic view called psychopannychia, more famously known as soul sleep. The idea is that at death the soul goes into a state of suspended animation.

What happens when we die? Where do we go immediately after death? What happens to our mind, our spirit and our soul when we die? Do we fly up into an eternal heaven, or fall into an eternal hell? Do we reincarnate in this world as other people, or even animals, plants or rocks?


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