White house travel office scandal

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white house travel office scandal

Blood Sport: The Truth Behind the Scandals in the Clinton White House by James B. Stewart

Stewart gives a reasonably in-depth examination of Whitewater and Vince Fosters suicide, and skitters over the surface of Travelgate (the firing of the White House travel office), which frankly is more information than I had about Travelgate to this point. His story begins with the friendship of the Clintons and the McDougals dating back to the late 70s and continues through to the initial filing of Paula Joness sexual harrassment lawsuit. At the books conclusion, Clinton has been reelected and the independent counsel Robert Fiske has been replaced with Kenneth Starr. Monica Lewinsky still lies in the future.

I would probably call Stewarts treatment of these topics balanced, which is not necessarily a compliment. If youre an ordinary person, not a journalist, what you usually want is truth, not balance. I wouldnt recommend this book unless youre desperate to know more about Whitewater, but if you do read it, it should be in conjunction with Gene Lyons Fools for Scandal: How the Media Invented Whitewater, given that Lyons is never concerned with balance, and always with truth.
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Ray reported Thursday. But Ray, summing up his findings in the so-called Travelgate scandal for a panel of appeals court judges, said that he will not seek to indict Mrs. Clinton because he cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that any of her testimony was false.
James B. Stewart

FBI Files Fiasco

In less than a year, the new administration was mired in a sea of scandals: Travelgate, Nannygate, and, most consequentially, Whitewater. What went wrong? In the second episode of our series on the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Leon Neyfakh follows the Clintons and their friends and allies from the sleepy capital of Arkansas into the glare of Washington. Slate Plus members get a bonus episode of Slow Burn every week. This week we hear from Dr. Leon also discusses the making of Episode 2 with Slate senior producer Mary Wilson.

The issues surrounding Hillary Clinton's personal email system while secretary of State that has dogged her presidential campaign is not the first time the former first lady has faced a controversy. Take a look back at other crises Clinton has confronted and how she's responded since the opening months of Bill Clinton's administration:. The firing of the career travel office employees was the first ethics scandal of the Clinton era. Critics contended that an internal White House memo implicated her Hillary as the driver of the firings and so the Clintons could outsource the work to their friends at a Little Rock travel firm. Clinton maintained she played no role. After heavy public pressure, the Clintons reinstated most of the employees. In her book, Living History , she said "It was a disastrously inauspicious first date with the White House press.

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The war over what Congress and the American public will hear from the Mueller Report began 20 years ago. - The White House travel office controversy , sometimes referred to as Travelgate , [1] [2] was the first major ethics controversy of the Clinton administration.

After congressional Republicans discovered that the Clinton personnel security office improperly collected some background FBI files of Republicans -- including former Secretary of State James A. High Season For Washington Political Theater: House and Senate Republicans promptly scheduled hearings on Capitol Hill, with suspicions fueled by revelations that security office head Craig Livingstone was not a security professional, but a political operative, a one-time advance guy, a former bouncer who had spent a large part of his 37 years working on political campaigns. What was Livingstone's background, committee members wanted to know? Who hired him? Why would the White House entrust such a sensitive position to someone with Livingstone's experience?

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  1. H illary Clinton entered the presidential race under a cloud of scandal, from foreign contributions to the Clinton family foundation to her use of a private email account and server to conduct official business while secretary of state.

  2. The White House travel office controversy, sometimes referred to as Travelgate, was the first .. Clinton, upon learning of [Vince] Foster's death, at least realized its connection to [the] Travelgate scandal, and perhaps to the Whitewater matter, .

  3. White House travel office (“Travelgate”) and her involvement in legal maneuvering by the White House during the Whitewater investigation. came to be known as Travelgate, involving the firing of longtime White House workers, and Filegate, pertaining to FBI files on Republicans.

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