Black fleet trilogy book 3

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black fleet trilogy book 3

Counterstrike (Black Fleet Trilogy, #3) by Joshua Dalzelle

Captain Jackson Wolfe never thought he’d see the end of the Phage War in his lifetime. The enemy was too powerful, too numerous, and utterly determined to exterminate humanity.

But the appearance of a new ally in the fight has changed all of that. For the first time since the original incursion Wolfe thinks that maybe there’s a chance to stop their implacable enemy before they have the chance to wipe out any more human planets. That opportunity comes at great cost, however, and even as he makes plans for their first offensive move on the Phage, Jackson is all too aware that most of them will not survive.

“Counterstrike” is book three of the bestselling Black Fleet Trilogy.
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Counterstrike (Black Fleet Trilogy Book 3) by Joshua Dalzelle Audiobook Part 2

Counterstrike book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Captain Jackson Wolfe never thought he'd see the end of the Phage Wa. .
Joshua Dalzelle

ISBN 13: 9781514627129

From Joshua Dalzelle comes the follow up to the 1 Bestseller "Warship. He had assumed the juggernaut that had devastated three Terran systems was the herald for a full invasion, but for the last few years it has been eerily quiet along the Frontier. Jackson now struggles to convince the Confederate leadership the threat is still imminent and needs to be taken seriously. While powerful factions make backroom deals he is desperate to find irrefutable proof that the invaders are coming and if humanity expects to survive they must marshal their forces and make a stand before it's too late. Convert currency.

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From Joshua Dalzelle, author of the best-selling Omega Force series, comes an all new vision of humanity's future. In the 25th century, humans have conquered space. The advent of faster-than-light travel has opened up hundreds of habitable planets for colonization, and humans have exploited the virtually limitless space and resources for hundreds of years with impunity. So complacent have they become with the overabundance that armed conflict is a thing of the past, and their machines of war are obsolete and decrepit. What would happen if they were suddenly threatened by a terrifying new enemy? Would humanity fold and surrender, or would they return to their evolutionary roots and meet force with force? From Joshua Dalzelle comes the follow-up to the number-one best seller Warship.

All three novels were authored by Michael P. The Black Fleet Crisis begins in a time of peace for the New Republic , and the first time a chance occurs for the Rebel Alliance to turn their attention to more personal concerns. The outbreak of the Black Fleet Crisis ends a period of relative peace in the galaxy. Yevethan forces former Imperial slaves who overthrew their masters using captured Imperial ships begin a genocidal campaign to conquer the Koornacht Cluster by killing all non-Yevethans. The New Republic is forced to fight in its own defense, as well as to rescue hostages held by the Yevethans including Han Solo. After obtaining an image of Han as a battered hostage, Chewbacca goes on a desperate rescue mission. Luke Skywalker travels to his mother's homeworld, Fallanassi , in search of her and her people.

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  1. Black Fleet Trilogy (3 book series). Kindle Edition. From Book 1: From Joshua Dalzelle, author of the bestselling "Omega Force” series, comes an all new vision .

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