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How To Explore Cuba Through Ernest Hemingway's Novel

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Ernest Hemingway

8 Books about Passion and Scandal in Cuba

This post is sponsored by Rosetta Stone. Which makes the thawing relations between Cuba and the United States so exciting. Cuba is at a turning point in its history, and for a short time will be that rarity: a country long untouched by real tourism. The 10 books listed here barely scratch the surface, but will give you a solid foundation for your visit to this beautiful island nation. Add to Bag. Explosion in a Cathedral , by Alejo Carpentier Carpentier is one of the most influential and celebrated Cuban authors, and his novel exploring the effects of the 18th-century revolutionary period—especially the French revolution—on Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean digs into the tension between Cuba and Europe that is still present in the modern day. Trading with the Enemy , by Tom Miller Published just eight years ago, this journalistic account of modern Cuba is essential for anyone planning a trip there.

Writers have long been fascinated with Cuba, that great worm of an island, the largest in the Caribbean that sits ninety miles from Florida. Hemingway lived in Cuba from —, writing a great deal there and some of his works are set on the island, notably To Have and Have Not and The Old Man in the Sea. His novel, Our Man in Havana , grew out of his extended stay in the city. Kenneth Tynan, the caustic English critic, and enfant terrible of the London theater, visited Cuba in to write an account of life under the new Castro regime for Holiday Magazine. A famous anecdote from his trip remains.

Hemingway became a fixture of Havana, and stayed in the country longer than many Americans chose to after relations between Cuba and the United States began to deteriorate. He fished extensively aboard his boat, Pilar, and enjoyed the island lifestyle, hanging out in Havana, and entertaining guests at the Finca. His home, with many original furnishings, hunting trophies, and personal artifacts can be viewed today. When not fishing or traveling, Hemingway wrote a great deal from his Cuban home. While little of his work from this time was published during his lifetime, many of the projects that Hemingway worked on throughout the s were later edited and published after his death. Hemingway continued his war reporting during his time in Cuba.

Apr 15, Hemingway lived in Cuba off and on for two decades and was an avid The Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction, Hijuelos was born in Cuba and was the first . 6 Books to Read Now that You've Finished Go Set a Watchman.
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A norther was raging over havana, bending and twisting the royal palm fronds against a threatening gray sky. I lived there for six months in as Hemingway's secretary, having met him on a sojourn to Spain the previous year, and I returned to the finca for five weeks in as a companion to his widow, Mary. Later, I married Ernest's youngest son, Gregory; we had three children before we divorced in ; he died in I well remember the night in when Philip Bonsall, the U. He resisted the suggestion, fiercely.

As Cuba and the US conclude a year of relationship therapy, one bright spot that has endured through the years is the connection Hemingway forged with Cuba while living and writing there for more than 30 years. Within a year of his departure, Hemingway committed suicide while at his home in Idaho. After the Cuba Revolution, Soviet statesman and diplomat, Anastas Mikoyan, visited Hemingway while in Cuba as the leader of the Russian delegation to the new Cuban government. Mikoyan presented Hemingway with a set of Russian translations of his complete works. Despite his status as the most popular foreign writer available in Russia at the time, Hemingway accepted graciously even though Russia ignored world copyright laws and paid no royalties. Soon thereafter, Hemingway left Cuba and never returned. He was hunting German submarines in his fishing boat using direction-finding equipment, a machine gun and hand grenades.

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