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just one day book trailer

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Just One Day - Trailer

Just One Day by Gayle Forman | Book Trailer. Watch the trailer for Gayle Forman's book. We just got it, and its We just got it, and its sequel, in. Check ' em out.

Just One Day

Sign in. Stars on the purple carpet at the Emmys decide which TV show characters would make great superheroes or supervillains , and more. Watch now. Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall after a car accident puts her in a coma. During an out-of-body experience, she must decide whether to wake up and live a life far different than she had imagined.

This is an older post and although you might find some useful tips, any technical or publishing information is likely to be out of date. Please click on Start Here on the menu bar above to find links to my most useful articles, videos and podcast. Thanks and happy writing! Book trailers are videos posted online and distributed via video networking sites like YouTube. These can be big budget blockbuster movie clips, or budget MovieMaker slides to music. You can make it an advert or a social media fun clip that people want to watch. It can be a human interest story made more like a documentary.

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In her new book, Pumpkin: a Cindermama , author Ines Johnson spins a modern day fairy tale of love for the single mom. - Self-publishing is a challenging but rewarding process. All that being said, not just any trailer will get you those amazing results.

Image: Matthew Loffhagen. Book trailers are video advertisements for books, usually structured in the same way as a movie trailer. They can involve voiceovers, music, animation or live action footage, and information on when the book is available or where you can buy it. Book trailers are a lot of fun. A novelty to both readers and authors, trailers are exciting avenues for creativity that frequently delight fans. With all this excitement, however, it can be tempting to put the cart before the horse and forget to ask the one, vital question: do book trailers sell books?

Note: This is a post I recently re-wrote and updated to reflect the current state of the publishing industry and my thoughts on book trailers. Plus, I have a new trailer that you should check out. The short answer is no. Not really. My first book trailer was awful. The second one was great. The third was even better.

For class we had an assignment of making a video book trailer. I have never made one before, so it was tough for me but I had fun with it! The book is contemporary fiction, with an intended audience of young adults. Just One Day tells the story of Allyson Healey who is near the end of a high school graduation trip in Europe with her best friend Melanie. Allyson is a good girl who always does the right thing, until she meets Willem, an actor in an underground Shakespeare performance. On the train home the next day, the two meet again and Allyson makes an uncharacteristic decision when she throws away her caution and decides to join Willem for a day in Paris. After just one day together, Allyson falls in love with Willem and with Lulu- his nickname for her and the person that she becomes in his presence.

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