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the lost room comic book

The Elevator Family by Douglas Evans

Plot: A family unable to find a room in a hotel check into the elevator beliveing it is a room.

Review: I had trouble with this book. At frist I thought I was reading a British import but, then discovred that the author is from California. Which explained why the silliness wasnt working for me. YOURE A BAD MAN MR. GUM this is not. I also thought the book was a young reader but, discovered it is rated as 5.6 reading level. This makes the book without an audience with too silly a plot for older readers and too high a vocubluary for younger readers. For example some of the words used are: Petit, chronicle, ringamarole, frazzled, fantablous, and slivers.

As for the plot I had trouble understanding how a family could not understand what an elevator. I also had trouble understanding why everyone want along with this idea especially the cranky manger of the hotel. At least with THE STUPIDS by Harry Allard you understand that the family is stupid. Most other books with crazy plots, like CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, has such a zany tone that you can go with it. With this book the tone doesnt support the plot.

Kids may be more forgiving of this book shortcomings. As for me I have trouble seeing how this book could work except as a read aloud for parents of third graders.


On the twentieth floor, Tom and Tia Twiddle, two torists from Texas, entered Otis toting trunks.

The light bathed the entire room in a soft golden glow.

Top of the morning, gentleman.

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Diego Comic-Con International that Red 5 Comics will be publishing a sequel, in comic book form, to The Lost Room.
Douglas Evans

Well, the writers of The Lost Room a widely praised TV mini-series will now have a follow-up in the form of a comic mini-series. Official press release below. In September of , Salon. The new Motel Man escapes prison looking for revenge, only to find himself in a new cell: Room A search is currently underway for artists. August 2, Categories: News. Tags: Red 5 , We Kill Monsters.

Objects are mysterious items that were in Room 10 at the time of The Event. After the event, they gained strange powers unique to each object. Each object has a unique ability that may or may not be logical to that item. The Key, logically opens doors. The Wristwatch, illogically boils eggs. Objects are usually activated in the manner in which they would normally be used such as The Key is activated by inserting it into a lock. Each object is indestructible unless it is in The Room.

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There have been so many great shows that have been cancelled in the past. Usually, they receive some cult status among fans and are still remembered.

Sign up Lost password? Share [X]. Powered by AkBBS 1. The Collectors is a cabal of fans of the SciFi series "The Lost Room" who want you to join our cause and search for The Objects, discuss the series and show off your own collection plus help others with their collection and remember Sign up learn about it Sign in lost password?

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