Report writing for police and correctional officers

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report writing for police and correctional officers

Gregory C. Gibbs (Author of Report Writing for Police and Correctional Officers)

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Published 15.02.2019

Report Writing

Tips for Better Correctional Officer Report Writing

Make CorrectionsOne your homepage. Once one has mastered the craft of structure and content necessary in writing reports, the process and the ability to write can easily be produced. Report writing has always been one of the most challenging parts of the law enforcement career. It is something many correctional officers despise. Some officers avoid writing reports and some do not produce anywhere near their full potential. Many times important details and incidents do not find themselves documented because of the avoidance in report writing.

Thanks for the helpful content. Writing reports is very similar to student writing assignments, aren't you? However, do not worry, you can train. There are even professional detectives, but just not loving to write. Report writing is critical to corrections. I don't that the author in the article mentioned review by a supervisor and with most jails and prisons that is required before the report is sent through the computer system or Jail supervisor if written by hand. One of the essentials my Sgt always said was, "If you didn't write it down, it didn't happen.

If You're a Student

This is a Type 4 report: The officer initiates the action. At a. Pandit extended his leg to trip Sims. Sims stumbled and dropped the soft drink he was carrying. Walker was standing about 5 yards behind Pandit and Sims. I radioed for assistance and the Action taken was a disciplinary report. Report concl.

December 10, Lynne Woodruff. Recently I read two books written by former corrections officers. I enjoyed both and the stories were engaging; however, I was somewhat distracted while reading because the books contained misspellings and poor grammar and punctuation. Where were the editors during the final review? Did anyone review them and request that proper grammar and correct spelling and punctuation be used? In my former life as a supervisor, I was a stickler for professional reports. I was notorious for sending reports back so that misspelled words, improper grammar and incorrect punctuation would be revised.

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