Hairstyles for transitioning from perm to natural hair

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hairstyles for transitioning from perm to natural hair

Natural Hair Transitioning: How To Transition From Relaxed To Natural Hair by Argena Hall

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Published 15.02.2019

How I Style My Transitioning Hair 2019 Relaxed to Natural Hair

While the transition from relaxed to natural hair texture is usually a . "Protective styles, like weaves, braids, and wigs, to are great tools to help.
Argena Hall

7 Ways to Look Flawless While Transitioning to Natural Hair

Posted on February 3, When transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, there are two routes you can take. You can either decide to do the big chop , or you can choose slow transitioning. Slow transitioning is the long process of growing out your relaxed hair, without cutting it, so you still maintain some length. In other words, half of your head will be looking really curly and the other half will be stick straight. One huge advantage though to slow transitioning is that it allows you to more comfortably grow out your chemically-processed strands. Regardless of whether you choose to big chop or slow transition, your haircare routine is extremely important.

While the transition from relaxed to natural hair texture is usually a beautiful and empowering experience, it can often be a real struggle. Products designed to make your natural hair more manageable are best during this period. I've had plenty of moments in my personal journey where, after a wash and go, my hair has been super coily in certain sections, while simultaneously having straight ends in others. Needless to say, these moments can be extremely frustrating when you're ready for your hair to finally have one cohesive texture. To find out how to best manage transitioning hair without wanting to pull it out entirely , we spoke with a few natural hair gurus to get details on how to help your hair look and feel healthy in and beyond. These expert tips will help make your curls really pop.

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair means to gradually cut off the straighten chemically processed hair as the new growth develops. Hair grows at an average rate of 4 — 6 inches a year, which means patience is a big part of growing out your natural hair. You must understand that this process will not be easy. Learn to embrace you natural texture. Initially you may not see your true hair texture due to scab hair , which is rough and wiry hair in result of the chemical residue working its way out of the scalp.

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Some styles can help your hair stay healthy as they keep you looking great. Others are simple to do and are a breeze to maintain. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you find hairstyles while transitioning your hair. Protective styles for short transitioning hair prevent your previously relaxed or permed hair from sustaining further damage as new hair grows. It is a type of hairstyle where the ends of the hair are hidden, thereby protecting them. French twists and halo braids are examples of protective styles. A sewn in weave is by some, also considered to be a protective style.

If you're thinking of leaving relaxers behind and you don't want to cut all of your processed hair off, you'll need some transition styles that will take you from straight hair to your natural texture. While most of these styles are protective , you can still wear your hair out on occasion. Try these hairstyles to get you through the sometimes awkward stages of transitioning and you'll feel confident that your hair looks good every day. Blend those curly roots with your relaxed tresses with wet sets. You can set your hair on magnetic rollers, flexi-rods, perm rods or Curlformers. You have a good degree of controlling how curly you want your finished style to be because setting tools come in an array of sizes.


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