Whatever is taken for granted

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whatever is taken for granted

Taken For Granted Quotes (15 quotes)

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Published 28.02.2019

Before You Take Something for Granted, Watch This

You have the common advice of being grateful for what you have — Please take stock of the fact that you can read, have the use of your eyes, have enough money to afford internet and so on. The idea is to voluntarily give up said thing for example, extra layers of clothes in cold weather to see how fortunate you are for having these things. It will make you become more grateful.

7 Things In Life You’re Taking For Granted

In a world of consumerism and constant one-upping on social media, it can be hard to ground ourselves at times. I spent 30 days practicing daily gratitude — thinking of three things each day that I was grateful for and really meditating on them. The majority of you reading this will be doing so from the comfort of your own home, perhaps sitting on the couch or propped up by some cushions in bed. Having a place to live is just a norm for many of us, and definitely something a lot of us take for granted. Coming home can feel quite stressful at times, as you may be dreading dealing with the huge pile of laundry or washing up you left behind! The fact that you even have a house or room where the door locks, the water runs from the tap, and you can sleep comfortably is amazing. Most of us probably take certain utilities for granted too.

1. A Safe Place To Live, Eat, And Sleep

She lived with her family in a small village in the countryside. Many people told her not to put her children in school so she could have some help with work. But she insisted on letting her children be educated so that they could have a shot to live a better life than hers. It meant working ten times extra, but she did it anyway. She lived more strictly than a monk. Fast forward nearly forty years later, she suffered from heart disease, blood pressure problem, and many serious illnesses. She became paralyzed and she forgot her children and grandchildren.

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