Missing people from national parks

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missing people from national parks

Missing People In Americas National Parks: True Stories Of Unexplained Disappearances by Keefe Cheetham

There is a sinister side to National Parks; one the Forest Service does not want you to know about…
National Parks are a place for family fun, camping, and adventure. Millions of Americans and foreign tourists flock to National Parks around the globe each year. But for some, they go through the entrance, never to come out again.

In the last century close to 1100 people have disappeared while on a visit to a National Park, just in the USA. Yet, research into this high rate of missing people associated with various National Parks around America is difficult. The National Park Service does not want anyone to research the missing, according to one ex-officer.

Is a conspiracy in the works to ensure millions of visitors still come to the National Parks or is it a case of keeping details of an ongoing investigation quiet?

Find out as you explore some of the top USA National Parks:

Discover why a conspiracy might revolve around Yosemite National Park

Learn how one little boy could be with his family only to end up missing in Rocky Mountain National Park forever

Find out why Denali has a high rate of missing persons and deaths attached to the park

On your journey through this book, consider what is wisest when visiting a national park so you are not added to the list of The 1100!
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The Unsettling National Park Disappearance Problem - Missing 411 Documentary

Over the decades, lots of people have gone missing in the National Park System, and not all have been found.
Keefe Cheetham

Thousands Regularly Vanish Inside U.S. National Parks, And There May Be A Paranormal Explanation

Thousands of unsolved missing person cases are occurring in National Parks and Forests in the US and around the world, and one researcher has been feverishly looking into the mystery. David Paulides, former law enforcement officer and current private investigator, has published four books detailing these disturbing disappearances, leaving others to speculate about the cause. Every year, thousands of people go missing. Many of these cases are solved, or at least the cause can be reasonably ascertained. Strangers kidnap kids for ransom or worse, estranged parents kidnap their own children from former spouses, and crimes lead to disappearances of a clearly criminal nature. These cases differ in strange ways from other missing person cases.

Thousands of Strange Missing Person Cases

Just where have these people gone? In many cases, it is difficult to say. The National Parks Service leaves it to local law enforcement to track and solve or file away as cold the cases of people who have gone missing.

An intended half-mile-long hike to Spruce Tree House, a well-preserved dwelling carved into a sandstone cliff face at Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado, ended in tragedy for Mitchell Dale Stehling, 51, and his family in the summer Located on the Colorado Plateau in the high desert at elevation ranging from 7, to 8, feet, Mesa Verde includes some of the best archaeological wonders in the world and provides a glimpse into the Ancestral Pueblo people who lived there. Set atop a series of long, narrow mesas, the national park features rugged terrain with steep cliff and canyon overlooks and crumbling sandstone. Those who made the area home from to CE were adept at traveling the landscape, and in places had cut toe- and handholds to scale cliffs to reach their dwellings. A family spotted him on the nearby Petroglyph Point Trail. This 2.

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