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man of steel santa fe

Santa Fe Fantasy by Judith Steel

Adeline Montclair was utterly shocked when she stumbled across a naked man staked out under the hot sun along the Santa Fe trail. Unschooled in frontier survival, the hazel-eyed beauty struggled to free the stranger from his bonds and nurse him back to health. And as she drove her wagon onward, Adeline began to think of the man as hers; hers to care for, hers to touch, hers to kiss. So when his eyes fluttered open, his fever gone, the auburn-haired beauty barely hesitated when his arms reached for her, pulling her down beside him in a molten, breathless embrace..
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Jor-El and Son - Man of Steel

San Francisco

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On this page you will find important information about Man Of Steel based in Santa Fe, NM, like the address, contact person and details, as well as the email address and home page. MAP View larger map. Skip to main content.

Wait -- so that "S" doesn't stand for "Superman"? Actually, that symbol on Superman's chest -- the one that millions of fans have come to assume means "Superman" since, you know, the beginning of time, stands for something perhaps even greater. And, according to the new trailer for this summer's " Man of Steel ," it's not even an "S" at all. A bit of interrogation-room feedback interrupts the tireless Daily Planet reporter, leaving the Man of Steel without the name we've all come to know him by. This is the most striking moment of the third and supposedly final trailer for "Man of Steel," presenting director Zack Snyder's new film as without a doubt a bold revisionist vision of a beloved character.

RSS Feed Search. He becomes a bad guy after killing Joker for nuking Metropolis. If you want to put the army in your movie, the thinking goes, you better not make the army look bad. His actions say killing is justified. But not its screenplay. Goyer wrote the script and in those rare moments when the movie relied on him, he completely whiffed. Henry Cavill and Amy Adams had great chemistry as Superman and Lois Lane, but it was up to Goyer to write the lines they say after their big first kiss.

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