Is there a green sun

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is there a green sun

Green Sun (Hanson #3) by Kent Anderson

Hanson thought he had witnessed the worst of humanity after a tour of duty in Vietnam and a stint as a cop in Oregon. Then he moves to Oakland, California to join the under-funded, understaffed police department.

Hanson chooses to live - alone - in the precinct that he patrols; he, unlike the rest of the white officers, takes seriously his duty to serve and protect the black community of East Oakland.

He will encounter prejudice and hate on both sides of the line... and struggle to keep true to himself against powerful opposition and personal danger.

Green Sun is a raw, unflinching novel about Americas divided cities and one mans divided soul.

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Why Are There No Purple or Green Stars?

What would it take to get a star be green? As you probably know, the color of a star depends on the temperature of its surface. The coolest stars are red, and have a surface temperature of less than 3, Kelvin. The hottest stars are blue, and have temperatures above 12, Kelvin. Our own Sun gives off an almost purely white light, and it measures 6, Kelvin. Stars can be give off light from every point of the spectrum: infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and ultraviolet. Astronomers measure the light curve of the photons coming off a star.

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Under the right conditions, the upper edge of the setting sun will blaze bright green just before dipping below the horizon. What causes these "green flashes"?, In astronomy , a green star is a white or blue star that appears green due to an optical illusion. There are no truly green stars, because the color of a star is more or less given by a black-body spectrum and this never looks green.

Are there any green stars? If not why? I know that a star's color is based upon its temperature. Stars seem to exist in every other color in the visible spectrum. Why not green? Your question is a good one!

Although you can spot many colors of stars in the night sky, purple and green stars aren't seen because of the way humans perceive visible light. Stars are a multicolored bunch. There are red giants on the verge of explosions. Big blue ones that shine in the belt of the constellation Orion and other places. And there are ordinary yellow ones like our sun that might be stable and warm enough to support life.

What color do you think the Sun is? How could one determine what color the Sun is as seen from Earth? Image courtesy NASA. It is a common misconception that the Sun is yellow, or orange or even red. However, the Sun is essentially all colors mixed together, which appear to our eyes as white. This is easy to see in pictures taken from space.

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  1. In astronomy, a green star is a white or blue star that appears green due to an optical illusion. There are no truly green stars, because the color of a star is more or less . The Sun can sometimes appear as a green spot for a second or two as it is rising or setting: this is known as green flash. Roughly speaking, the red light .

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