Going out like a soldier

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going out like a soldier

Soldier Quotes (316 quotes)

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Published 04.03.2019

I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier

How a soldier gets ready for deployment

Skip to content. First Lt. Erica MacSwan is an intelligence officer with the US army. Here, she has days to go before she is deployed to Afghanistan for about a year. Yet, she has vivid memories of it. Her family lived in New Hampshire at the time. The city went absolutely silent, which is obviously so unusual for New York City.

Why German Soldiers Don’t Have to Obey Orders

I was first introduced to Percy by my nonagenarian neighbor, the indefatigable George. Like many of my elderly neighbors, George has lived on this street since the houses were first built, one of the many new housing estates built after the War, following the devastating bombing raids that left tens of thousands homeless.

Transition is by far the biggest battle. I struggled with transition like anyone else. After many years, I have learned to know my place. I lived for many years for the memory of my friend killed in combat. We sat in a hooch in Afghanistan, talking about our plans once we got out. He told me he wanted to be a Border Patrol Agent and join the Special Operations, because they do badass stuff.

The gyms are good. Good elliptical machines along with a million bottles of water. And at first I scoffed, but then I realized: simplicity works. These are women and men who are far from home. I see them lug AKs across their chests day in and day out. They lack sleep and miss their families.

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  1. I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier is second solo studio album by American rapper Willie D. It was Geto Boys and refers to the incident on the album in the following lyric "I left Charlie Brown on the cut, 'cause I felt like Snoopy, workin for Peanuts".

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