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alex da corte free roses

Alex Da Corte (Illustrations of Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson)

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Published 12.03.2019

Alex Da Corte, Artist

Alex Da Corte's dark, comical, and sinister spectacle "Free Roses" at Mass MoCA

The purple hue of a specific Alberto V05 shampoo, the bright yellow of a rubber kitchen glove, the sinuous arc of a pink plastic water pitcher: Da Corte engages these objects both for their visual appeal and as symbols of aspiration and longing. His work also draws attention to their role as markers of taste, class, and race. An heir to the Pop artists, as well as more recent forefathers such as Mike Kelley and Robert Gober, Da Corte infuses his mash-ups of popular culture artifacts —and his own sculptural facsimiles—with intimate personal narratives. He is a storyteller—equally influenced by Disney, Hitchcock, the theater, opera, and the Sistine Chapel. His works are rife with art historical references from Kandinsky to Duchamp to Ellsworth Kelly, and often incorporate the original work of other contemporary artists into his own. Combining these artworks with dime-store tchotchkes and his own sculptural reproductions, Da Corte questions the nature of authorship and standard hierarchies of aesthetic and economic value, as well as the separation between the real and representation. Da Corte presents the work—which includes paintings, sculpture, video, and photography—in a sumptuous environment of carpeted, colored, and tiled floors, vividly painted walls, and multi-hued neon lighting which bathes the installations in a strange, moody glow.

A generously illustrated book on the dynamic work of neo-pop artist Alex Da Corte, whose immersive installations and provocative objects seamlessly blend high and low culture as they explore themes of love, sex, family, death, and desire. Carpeted and tiled floors, brightly painted walls, and neon lighting create a milieu for the art that is part suburban living room, part plush strip club. She is the author and editor of numerous publications on artists including Spencer Finch and Sol LeWitt. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Prestel,

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Alex Da Corte, born in Camden, N. Alex Da Corte is a rising star on the international art scene. He works with objects and materials that are detached from their original function to give them new potential both symbolically and formally. In working with these objects, Da Corte tries to put aside his own touch in order to reveal and locate the previous touches, the objects own story. In this state, the detached objects may seem to be destroying their own icon but Da Corte reminds us, commonly through the American diners never-changing inventory, the bottle of ketchup and the black cup of coffee, that in believing we can undo the icon, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Alex Da Corte works with large scale installations that often include both wall based works, floor pieces, sculptures, lights, colours and scents as well as works from other artists. Da Corte has roots in the pop-art tradition and an incredible love and feeling for colours as well as a sense of how the high-aesthetic may also contain a sense of humour.

Real ducks! The ducks were actually swans, motorized plastic ones, circling one another in the water with fake candles rising from their backs. A boyish 35, he was dressed that morning in a threadbare T-shirt and a crumpled Lacoste cap that had been worn nearly to death. Da Corte, who has become highly sought-after in recent years for a riotous post-post-Pop sensibility, significantly darkens the picture around the corner from the romantic swans, where a video shows a man Mr. To live somewhere up here? He grew up around Philadelphia in a large, extended, close-knit family and spent several years as a child in Caracas, Venezuela, where his father was born and raised.

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  1. Titled Free Roses , the show is a dark, comical, and sinister spectacle that highlights the opulence of kitsch objects.

  2. Also on view are three videos inspired by A Season in Hell , along with a suite of table sculptures—a series originally developed from props used in the videos.

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