I choose to be free

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i choose to be free

Quote by -Kafka: “You can choose to be free , but its last decis...”

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Published 13.03.2019

free indeed Timothy Reddick

I Choose to Be Free, I Choose to Be Me [Dianne Coop] on upprevention.org *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. About the Book STOP WISHING, START LIVING!.

“You can choose to be free , but it's last decision you'll ever make”

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We might. We might know this. We probably do know this, actually. But still, we offer up words that wound. You have too. Some of those words have been quite intentional. And some were probably not.

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I ran as quickly as I could across the field to find my husband, Richard. Large hay bales, wrapped in strong twine, were fed to mama cows during the cold winter. Though the twine was carefully cut and gathered, some had been left behind. A calf became tangled in the twine, and was in danger. I had tried my best to unravel him, but to no avail. A few minutes later, Richard and I gently pulled at the twine, cutting here and there.

Updated: May 29, Freedom to choose. Being able to choose to stay or leave? This whole experience left me wounded…for now…. Yes, big time on all three levels.

And I will tell you what happened to me that day. My boss and I have a very special relationship. He appreciates me for my work and for everything I do. Every time he has the chance, he praises my results and he shows his confidence in me and my work. One day, I decided to go to a job interview at another company. And I told him about it. He loved my work and he wanted me to stay, but he understood something: the most important thing is for me to be happy.

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