Most expensive bottle of wine

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most expensive bottle of wine

The Billionaires Vinegar: The Mystery of the Worlds Most Expensive Bottle of Wine by Benjamin Wallace

The New York Times bestseller, updated with a new epilogue, that tells the true story of a 1787 Château Lafite Bordeaux—supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson—that sold for $156,000 at auction and of the eccentrics whose lives intersected with it.

Was it truly entombed in a Paris cellar for two hundred years? Or did it come from a secret Nazi bunker? Or from the moldy basement of a devilishly brilliant con artist? As Benjamin Wallace unravels the mystery, we meet a gallery of intriguing players—from the bicycle-riding British auctioneer who speaks of wines as if they are women to the obsessive wine collector who discovered the bottle.

Suspenseful and thrillingly strange, this is the vintage tale of what could be the most elaborate con since the Hitler diaries.
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Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World 2018

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Benjamin Wallace

Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World 2019

Because of the limited ingredients and growing conditions for the grapes, wine is one of the toughest draughts to make well and, and the most highly touted of vintages have sold for gargantuan amounts of money over the decades. Adding to the delicate and intricate process and the weather conditions playing magic or wreaking havoc with the grape vines is the condition that time plays in the process. Great wine can be accentuated to a state of near euphoria for the proverbial palate by shelving it in a cool place and letting father time stir the ingredients and extend the fermentation adding to the robust flavors. Because of this collectors and wine drinkers alike covet particularly good years of wine, and when a rare bottle is kept on the shelf as its brothers and sisters and emptied over the months and years can make for a perfect storm of damn good and extraordinarily expensive selling wine. The kicker here, folks is that 2, of these bottles were recovered, but the story of the commissioned ship destined for the Imperial Court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia that had been torpedoed by a German Submarine in World War I adds significant historical significance to the plus year old flavor. In , the year-old bottle was sold to a private collector at a Christies auction in Geneva.

When it comes to wine, the rule of thumb is the older the vintage, the better the wine is supposed to taste. This list highlights some of the oldest bottles of wine in existence, most of which are no longer drinkable. Several of the wines on this list are not only a few hundred years old, but are also some of the most expensive bottles to ever be sold at auction. This particular bottle of Chateau Margaux is known for being the most expensive bottle of wine that was never actually sold. During a party honoring the owners of the wine that Sokolin was trying to sell, the bottle of Chateau Margaux fell to the ground and was completely broken.

Most people will spend less than ten pounds on a single bottle of wine for drinking. For a special occasion or with a meal out in a restaurant, this figure is likely to reach around thirty to fifty pounds. Wine enthusiasts and collectors may push this number into the triple digits when looking to add a quality vintage to their collection. However, for some, the wine budget is considerably larger. From special auctions to private sales, we take a look at some of the most expensive bottles of wine that have ever been sold!


Over the centuries certain red wines have commanded prices which have stolen the headlines and distracted from the wine itself. Whether it be due to an iconic cult label, a rare and highly prized vintage or a famous owner, the wines below must surely represent some of the most expensive liquid purchases in history. Almost instantly it was embraced by the British as one of the 'New French Clarets', with British prime minister at the time, Robert Walpole purchasing a barrel of Lafite ever quarter throughout his term in office. Despite controversy over the provenance of the wine and its link to one of the founding fathers this remains the highest priced single bottle of wine ever sold. Produced on an experimental basis by the late Max Schubert, who was Chief Winemaker for Penfolds from to , this first ever vintage was of just cases and not commercially released. This bottle of Grange Hermitage was brought to auction as part of a vertical collection of Penfolds Grange spanning from through to Screaming Eagle, which is considered by many to be a cult wine producer, make extremely small quantities of their wine in general but the vintage was produced in particularly low volumes.

Here, with figures courtesy of the Wine-Searcher database, are the 10 most expensive bottles on the market today. The most expensive white wine is this riesling from the Mosel region of Germany. Georges Roumier established his domaine in , and his son and grandson, Jean-Marie and Christophe Roumier, took over the winemaking after his death in Today it is made up of about This fortified wine from Portugal was produced the same year Thomas Jefferson was sworn in for his second presidential term. Try finding anything else this old that's still drinkable — it'll be tough. DRC is also known for this white wine, as few as cases of which are released each year.

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