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harry potter two steps from hell

Colin Frake On Fire Mountain by Nick Phoenix

The world of Reanne has a secret bigger than the night sky. It lies buried deep under the town of Vigerock. It lives in the thoughts and dreams of the royals in Nightchurch. It is protected and observed by a mysterious woman named Shore. It is cultivated and revered by the witches of Fire Mountain. It is bestowed upon unsuspecting young men who live out their days as giants, shunned by the lowlanders. Some call it magic or witchcraft, but others know better. Reanne is a unique place in the universe, an outpost the holds clues to the origin of our existence. Colin Frake knows nothing of these things and spends his afternoons wandering Owlfoot Canyon. He is fifteen years old, a lowlander, who is about to be drawn into an adventure of epic proportions.
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Harry Potter - Two Steps From Hell — Victory - FanMade

Two Steps From Hell

Founded by Nick Phoenix and Thomas J. Bergersen on 14 February , [1] the company produces music for movie trailers. They have released three public albums, Invincible and Archangel. Illusions, formerly known as Nemesis II, was released publicly under Bergersen's name. This song also appeared at various moments in the World Youth Day in Madrid, and is used, along with other tracks, more and more in videos from events, homemade films, etc.

Two Steps From Hell is both a label and and epyonymously named artist. The label was founded in , releasing production music industry-only releases. These were popular enough that in , the label decided to begin separately releasing some material to the public, under the same name as the label, 'Two Steps From Hell'. Only the public releases should be listed under the artist Two Steps From Hell. All industry releases should be listed using composer-as-artist style. Note that many public releases share the same name, and many of the same tracks, as the industry releases, so the industry releases are listed in the same release groups as the public releases. Showing official release groups by this artist.

Two Steps from Hell was founded in when Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix joined forces to write original music for movie trailers. Bergersen moved from Trondheim , Norway to the United States in , along with Phoenix, who began composing in , before moving to Los Angeles. The two formed the company in early , and have composed music for over 1, major motion picture trailers. With the founding of the company in , Bergersen was looking for a name that would draw attention with the old adage in mind, "All PR is good PR. Two Steps from Hell mainly produces trailer music and epic music, although recently it has also been used for television shows and video games.

Invincible is the first public album by the group Two Steps From Hell, and was released in May . commercials for the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2; commerciales for the video game Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
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Invincible is the first public album by the group Two Steps From Hell , and was released in May It consists of 22 tracks written by composers Thomas J. Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. The album also features modified versions of "Freedom Fighters" and "Undying Love" from the Legend album. Many tracks from Invincible are frequently used in film trailers , television shows , and advertisements.

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