Fate stay night eroge visual novel

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fate stay night eroge visual novel

Fate/Stay Night, Volume 1 by Datto Nishiwaki

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Nel complesso é molto carino questo primo volume, un po scontato ma essendo il primo ci sta.
Finale inaspettato che mi ha messo un bisogno immenso di sapere che succede dopo! Non vedo lora di poter leggere i prossimi volumi☺️
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The game that brought about millions of fans around the world, spawned 6 adaptations in anime format..
Datto Nishiwaki

Fate/stay night

The plot focuses on a young mage named Shirou Emiya who becomes a warrior in a battle between "Servants" known as the Holy Grail War. Through each route, Shirou bonds with a heroine and confronts different mages who participate in the war. In , the manga was licensed for an English-language release in North America by Tokyopop. Sentai Filmworks has licensed the television series and re-released the series on DVD and for the first time on Blu-ray Disc. A film adaptation by Studio Deen was released in Japanese theaters on January 23,

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Will the tone and the maturity of fate zero be ruined if I read the VN, considering the two series are done by different people? Anyway do you think it's worth reading? Is it strongly related to Fate Zero?

While the original work never received an official English translation, numerous unofficial patches were produced by fans and its adaptations gathered a large audience outside of Japan. For the past two centuries, seven magi were gathered and engage in a Battle Royale, each gambling his or her own life to obtain the Holy Grail , a legendary chalice capable of granting wishes. The past four Holy Grail Wars have typically occurred every sixty years, but the fifth war has eerily started prematurely, only ten years after the fourth war. Each magus, better known as a Master , is aided by one of the seven summoned spiritual familiars known as Servants , who are the reincarnations of legendary souls from all across time. These resurrected Heroic Spirits possess superhuman characteristics and wield powerful artifacts or abilities called Noble Phantasms.

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The Holy Grail War. A great ritual that materializes the greatest holy artifact, the Holy Grail. There are two conditions to participate in this ritual: to be a magus, and to be a "Master" chosen by the Holy Grail. There are seven chosen Masters, and seven classes of Servants; beings akin to superhumans with incredible fighting abilities. There is only one Holy Grail.

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