How to change my mind to lose weight

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how to change my mind to lose weight

Change Your Mind: Lose Weight by Sandrine Baptiste

Holistic coach and personal trainer Sandrine Baptiste, and health and spirituality writer Rhonda Tremaine, provide a complete weight loss solution in their book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight. As emphasized in the book trailer, most people know the basics of diet and exercise, but they do not know themselves well enough to effectively implement the lifestyle. This complete manual helps women tap into their inner resources to leverage the mind-body-spirit paradigm necessary to permanently release excess pounds. The book is based on Sandrines years of coaching practice along with Rhondas ability to transform the knowledge into an organized instructional volume. Objectively understanding how the body functions merged with the act of going within provides an effective recipe for change. The philosophical concepts motivate the reader, but practical advice and numerous tools are also included. Most importantly, this book prompts women to move spiritually and physically faster for the facilitation of personal growth. With the use of numerous examples, a dieter type quiz, coaching exercises, sample menus, and suggested physical exercises, the reader is well on her way to ending the weight loss battle for good. Rhonda and Sandrine collaborate to create this volume that not only teaches the fundamentals of weight loss, but also demonstrates how to integrate a spiritual solution for all of lifes challenges.
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Published 25.03.2019

How One Small Change Can Help You Lose Weight

How to Set Your Mind to Lose Weight

There are many physical ways to overcome weight loss plateau: diet, exercise, short-term tricks. But from my own success at losing weight and from experience working with clients, I've learned there's always an underlying reason why you're not able to lose more weight. Unless you address it, you'll struggle to succeed. For example, many women lose some or sometimes quite a lot of weight when they start eating healthier. But the weight loss almost always stops before they reach their "ideal" body. When I changed my diet in , the first 22 pounds fell off effortlessly and quickly. I was happy with my results, felt more energized and healed many health issues.

Food is about so much more than just nutrition. It's about friends and memories and love and life. It's an experience to be savored, which is why it's so hard for so many people to diet. I mean really, why would you ever want to give up all of that pleasure for just for a few pounds? If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, if you really want to live a healthier life and be happy doing it, then you have to do more than just cut calories. You have to change your relationship with food. When you do that, you'll find that you not only lose weight and clear out the toxins, but you'll transform your life in a way that's both lightening and enlightening.


Losing weight can be challenging, especially if you don't have the right mind set to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, a recent Quora thread lists helpful advice for people who want to train their minds to help them lose weight in the long-term, rather than wasting energy on quick, short-term fixes. Quora user Wilfredo Thomas argues that understanding weight loss in the form of energy balance is the first key to achieving one's ideal body. Once you understand energy balance, you might feel less tempted to eat more than you really need. Neil O'Nova, author of the book, "7-Minute Skinny Jeans," advises against eating out of food containers, boxes, and bags that aren't clear.

Originally posted on my other blog, seekingserotonin. I shed lbs and fought off my binge eating disorder, which had been the devil on my shoulder since my teens. I finally managed to figure out how to get in the mindset to lose weight. But more than that, I stopped viewing weight loss differently. I stopped viewing the number on the scale as the be all, end all of my journey and started realising that health and happiness were my two real goals.

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