How to describe dark skin in writing

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how to describe dark skin in writing

Fans of Interracial Romance - Authors/Writers Corner: More on Skin Color Terms Showing 1-50 of 59

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How to describe APPEARANCE in English - Essential Advanced Adjective Vocabulary Lesson

r/writing: Discussions about the writing craft. with readers assuming "white until proven otherwise" so I want to avoid this; but how do I best describe skin color?.

Describing characters of color in writing

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How DO I describe skin color in a way that's not offensive? Skin tones THAT dark are not common, so it sounds as if the character was made.
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Ok, so I get asked for advice and my thoughts on a lot of things relating to diversity and representation. This post is informed both by my personal experiences as a US born and raised black woman who has spent a lot of time discussing, writing about, talking about race, feminism and representation. I will not be happy with you at all and woe unto you if you do this and try to use my words as a pass to be wrong. Take my words as you will, understand that I, as a marginalized person have experiences that you privileged folks reading this do not. This is not a time or a place for well, actually in the comments. Nor is it the time or place for countering with your one black friend said Y in response to my Z.

Some examples from my own writing, submitted for your consideration. Not a claim of correctness or The Best Way or anything of the sort. Just my way. But I also just felt like sharing. ETA: And because this post continues to get hits months later, folks might be interested in Part 2 , which was posted at the Magic District, and part 3 , written a few months later.

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  1. This final portion focuses on describing skin tone, with photo and passage examples provided throughout.

  2. Writing with Color: Description Guide - Words for Skin Tone We Describing characters' skin as simply brown or beige works on its own.

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