How old is my kitten quiz

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how old is my kitten quiz

Kitten in the Cold by Ben M. Baglio

This is one of my favorite Animal Ark books from when I was growing up. This one centers around Christmastime as Mandy helps her parents with all of the animals coming into the vet. But this time Mandy does not just help animals she also helps a person. A little girl Alex is sick and needs enough money for an operation in America (Animal Ark itself is set in Britain) so the village tries to have a fundraiser on Christmas Eve to raise enough money for her. However, Alexs kitten goes missing just a few days before Christmas. Without her kitten Alexs condition worsens. Mandy and James are determined they must find the kitten before Christmas or Alex will likely be unable to even attend the fundraiser or travel to the United States. I love the message in this book of helping and giving to others and found this to be one of the best Animal Ark books.
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Rescuing Chloe, a Paralyzed Kitten

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Customer Service for Subscribers. How can you tell how old a kitten or cat is, exactly? - How much do you know about dinosaurs?

We love cats for so many reasons. Although they may seem solitary at times, cats can make really loving pets. Their relaxing purr sounds put us at ease during cuddle time. Some kitties can also be extremely loyal and become protective of their owners when the time comes. This quiz will be a really hard one, as you will be making some tough choices ahead. Pick your most favorite cat from each group.

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