How to sell ebook on google play

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how to sell ebook on google play

THE Group for Authors! - Publishing and Promoting: Google Books Sales??? Anyone have any ever? Showing 1-50 of 136

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Published 03.04.2019

How upload your book on Google Books & Google play fast DIY

Few days back, I have talked about selling your ebook using e-Junkie. This step is very important, as the pricing of your book will have a definite impact on sales.

How to Self-Publish on Google

Before we get started with our blog post, we wanted to break down one very important differentiation in the world of Google. Google provides consumers with two major ways to access books — on Google Books and also on Google Play. The platform that this blog post will be focused on is Google Play, as it is the website that authors use to upload manuscripts, manage and sell books, and monitor their sales. Google Play, versus Google Books, offers consumers more than just books; movies, apps, music, and more are available with Google Play. Google Books is more of a search tool, compared to the storefront of various entertainment that is Google Play. As of October , Google Books held more than 25 million scanned copies of books within its library. While Google Books is a great way to peruse titles, whenever you want to actually purchase books you will be led back to Google Play.

But Google Play Books and the Android platform must surely be worth an almost unlimited potential to sell ebooks and audiobooks on its ebook reader app .
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Google Books vs. Google Play

By Jason Matthews. The official name for interested authors is the Google Books Partner Program. It launched in Dec.

Amazon KDP, Smashwords and Draft2Digital are undoubtedly the leading service providers for ebook self-publishing and distribution. Unfortunately, with all this going for it, Google Play Books appears to be a real flop when it comes to ebook sales on the Play Store and people reading a book on their smartphones. I have no idea why this is. I have many books published on Google. But in my experience, Google Play and Google Books simply do not deliver enough ebook or book sales.

We invite Publishers in supported countries to apply for a publisher account. Go to the Partner Center. You must have a payment profile in order to sell books on Google Play. The country listed in this payment profile will determine the currency you're paid in. Go to the Payment Center. Sales territories indicate the countries where your books can be sold, as well as which payment profile should be used to collect revenue from sales in those countries.

The Google Publisher Program allowed independent authors and small presses to sell ebooks in the Google Play bookstore. When the program was active it become a cesspool of piracy. In Google closed their publisher program and for the next four years the only way authors and publishers could get their digital content on the platform is through aggregators. Today, Google has just reopened their Play Books publisher program with a few new caveats. Google has just revised their publisher program and have included AI into the ebook submission process. Whenever a title is submitted it will compare the body of text to other books in the Play Bookstore and if it is similar it will be automatically denied. Digital books also have the option to enter an ISBN number and it will fetch some ebook metadata and sales could be tracked from Nielson.

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  1. To sell books on Google Play, you must be located in a country supported for “ seller sign-ups”. If your country isn't supported for “seller sign-ups”, check back.

  2. Reach more readers. One billion Android users, over 50 countries, and multiple platforms. When you sell books on Google Play, you reach readers you never.

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