How to practice pranic healing

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how to practice pranic healing

Miracles Through Pranic Healing by Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Healing is a holistic healing method based on the ancient belief that there is a basic life energy force, prana, in the human body that animates and sustains life. You can learn it in a weekend and start helping people right away, says Stephen Co, engineer turned Senior Pranic Healing Instructor. In Miracles Through Pranic Healing, the student learns a basic step-by-step approach to energy healing. By working with the energy systems that surround the body, the pranic practitioner learns to identify disease energy and removes it with visualization and hand motions. Using the same techniques, the practitioner then replaces it with life force energy that helps the body return to balance and heal itself.
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Best Video Ever Made On Pranic Healing - Must Watch

The Pranic Healing System offiers a range of meditations for anyone looking to relieve stress to someone who wants to take their meditation practice to a deeper .
Choa Kok Sui

Self Healing: The Power is Within You!

They not only help you to remain in touch with the priceless teachings but also provide a sense of belongingness to a group of people who are striving to embody the same. Once you have attended the Basic workshop, there are plenty of ways that you could be an active part of the healing community. Most of the times, just by showing up at the centre one automatically gets connected to the energy of enthusiasm and excitement about growth, learning and self-improvement. It can act like the bridge between learning and applying and keeping one inspired in case you lost on that self-driven attitude for some reason. Growing implies mistakes. We all make mistakes!

The simplicity of self-healing is often not known or understood. Pranic Healing is a practice that has been in existence for thousands of years.
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The Basic Procedure Of Pranic Healing Meditation:

Long hours at office, meeting clients, presentations and other work -drains a lot of energy out of our body. So how can we enjoy our social life post our work hours? This is a question almost all of us ask time and again. A Pranic healer can most certainly heal us and make us feel better even after our most exhausting days. But what if we do not have any healer around us? Who heals us then? Well, if you are a Pranic healer yourself, there are some very easy processes to heal yourself.

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