How to become an original vampire

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how to become an original vampire

The Original Vampire Diaries: Count Dracula by Viv Croot

I am tireless in the pursuit of perfection...the pure arc of a vite neck, the vay a heavy silken cape hangs just apologies, I digress. I cannot believe that anyone else could get to the nub and essence of my vork and pay it the respect it is due. Remember, I am of the undead. Ve have plenty of time to kill. Vy am I allowing my intimate thoughts to be published, shared with you unfortunate mortal wretches? I know that you vill be humbled and seduced ven you read about my thrilling unlife, my exquisite vives, my fabulous castle, my effortless style, my supernatural strength, my extensive blood cellar, and my meticulous attention to detail.
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Become An Original Vampire Subliminal

The Original vampires – in the universe of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies . They had become the first of the vampire. In their hunger, they.
Viv Croot

Original Vampire

With interests in science, nature, history and the paranormal, Luther explores topics from a unique and sometimes controversial perspective. What is a vampire? Is someone born that way or do they choose the vampire lifestyle? Or, do you become a vampire through some strange turn of events? In our modern culture, we seem to be in the midst of some kind of vampire golden age.

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The Original Vampires , or simply The Originals , are a group of extremely powerful vampires that are known for being the first of their bloodlines and the first generation of vampires, which makes them the oldest, fastest, strongest, and most powerful vampires in the world. Their name is a term used to describe a progenitor in a vampire bloodline. The term was initially introduced when Rose revealed their existence to Elena , Stefan and Damon , and primarily refers to the Mikaelson Family , but has since expanded after Esther used the spell to turn Alaric into a vampire and Elena referred to him as an "Original," lacking another term to refer to the type of vampire Alaric became. A number of characteristics differentiate an Original from the vampire bloodline that they begat, but the fundamental difference is that Originals became vampires through a spell, not by ingesting the blood of another immortal; and, unlike normal vampires, the Originals are indestructible and cannot be killed by anything on earth aside from the White Oak Stake. The Originals are legendary throughout the supernatural world, especially amongst witches and vampires due to the fact that they have walked the Earth for over a thousand years. The Originals were created around the turn of the 11th century, when Mikael, the father of the Originals, wanted to find a way through magic to make himself and his remaining children immortal, as well as to make them superior to werewolves in speed, strength, fangs of their own, and heightened senses.

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