Why is self actualization important

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why is self actualization important

Self Actualization Quotes (144 quotes)

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Published 10.04.2019

The Big Picture Of Self-Actualization

The True Importance Of Self-Actualization Needs

Abraham Maslow was the first to define the self-actualization needs that are crucial for personal growth. But instead of researching mental health afflictions, Maslow was more interested in understanding human potential and peak experiences. His research yielded his theory of self-actualization and the hierarchy of self-actualization needs. So, how does the hierarchy work, and how can you become self-actualized? By definition, becoming self-actualized is a series of steps in personal growth toward fulfilling a higher need, such as uncovering the meaning of life.

The things we use and consume may satisfy the first four levels of needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs , but they will never provide us with the characteristics, outlined below, which help us identify the attainment of self-actualization. Take all the safety, love, etc. Maslow's quote refers to self-actualization, which is the highest level or stage in his model of human motivation: the 'Hierarchy of Needs'. According to the hierarchy of needs, self-actualization represents the highest-order motivations, which drive us to realize our true potential and achieve our 'ideal self'. Self-actualization needs are also referred to as our 'being' needs; these include personal and creative self-growth, which are achieved through the fulfilment of our full potential. Maslow studied 'exemplary' people, or individuals considered to have realized their full or near to their full potential in their particular area of expertise or focus. These individuals included Mahatma Gandhi, Viktor Frankl, and Albert Einstein, who "personify a reality of self-actualisation".

Be found at the exact moment they are searching. Sign Up and Get Listed. This stage occurs when a person is able to take full advantage of their talents while still being mindful of their limitations. The term is also used colloquially to refer to an enlightened maturity characterized by the achievement of goals, acceptance of oneself, and an ability to self-assess in a realistic and positive way. Self-actualization can be explored in therapy. The process of self-actualization is different for everyone, and not all individuals achieve all levels of the hierarchy throughout their lives.

What Is Self Actualization In Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs?

Self-actualization is a term that has been used in various psychology theories, often in different ways. The term was originally introduced by the organismic theorist Kurt Goldstein for the motive to realize one's full potential: "the tendency to actualize itself as fully as possible is the basic drive




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  1. In psychology, self-actualization is achieved when you're able to reach your full potential.

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