Importance of tolerance in indian society

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importance of tolerance in indian society

Tolerance Quotes (550 quotes)

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Published 12.04.2019

Is India Tolerant?

Tolerance is one of those qualities that forms the bedrock of society. Tolerance is very important in the case of religion. Messiahas said – a Hindu culture in a Muslim society or a Muslim culture in a Hindu society. (Hazrat.

‘Tolerance is the foundation of the idea that is India’

How Effective are John Schools? Those Grieving Alone — Seek Support. Jun One of the most important tools a child needs in his or her social toolbox is the ability to be tolerant of others. The world is composed of people from different backgrounds who speak various languages, and follow diverse customs and religions. Any child, whether in the United States or elsewhere, will be exposed to someone who identifies with a faith that is not the same as their own. Not only will children become morally strong, but in the future they will have an economic advantage when they respect others from around the world.

Indian culture, being a continuing process, cannot be reduced, without remainder, to any particular stage in its long history, though for the purpose of intensive study or analysis we may well limit ourselves to a particular period or aspect. For the purpose of this Seminar we may confine ourselves to the ancient and medieval periods of Indian culture. In the medieval period Indian culture cannot be reduced to its territorial stem, whether pre-Aryan or Aryan minus the cultural career of Islam in India. Indeed, the cultural history of the Muslims of the sub-continent is an integral part of Indian culture. By the same logic pre-Islamic Indian culture is as much the heritage of the Muslims of India as of the Hindus or others.

Hindu and Muslim kids in India accept each other’s norms

The framers of our Constitution were well aware of the need for politics that could transform a society rooted in caste and religious tradition. The nationalist struggle was not only a struggle to overthrow the British Raj, but was a moment of manoeuvre to rework a society that had a dismal record and understanding of human dignity and worked on the tyrannical hierarchy of caste that negated self-evident individual rights. It was this awareness that led to a conscious choice of institutions and symbols that formed the basis of such a transformative articulation of politics. Post, the commitment to secularism in India did not only mean a commitment to freedom of religion, but also a commitment to do away with religious practices considered being at odds with liberalism. In India, it encompassed the desire to undertake social reform.

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