Pictures of little black boys

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pictures of little black boys

The Story of Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman

The jolly and exciting tale of the little boy who lost his red coat and his blue trousers and his purple shoes but who was saved from the tigers to eat 169 pancakes for his supper, has been universally loved by generations of children. First written in 1899, the story has become a childhood classic and the authorized American edition with the original drawings by the author has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Little Black Sambo is a book that speaks the common language of all nations, and has added more to the joy of little children than perhaps any other story. They love to hear it again and again; to read it to themselves; to act it out in their play.
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Little Black Boys and Girls


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The story was a children's favourite for more than half a century. Critics of the time observed that Bannerman presents one of the first black heroes in children's literature and regarded the book as positively portraying black characters in both the text and pictures, especially in comparison to the more negative books of that era that depicted blacks as simple and uncivilised.
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Two years ago, I walked into a bookstore searching for a birthday gift for a young Black boy. I followed up by asking if she could help me find books for African-American boys. After a few minutes, she gathered four books with Black boys or men as protagonist characters from a section that had thousands of books. I decided to purchase one of the books, but I was extremely frustrated with the lack of books with Black boys or men as main characters. As a father of two African-American boys, I was deeply troubled at the lack of diverse books in the store.

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