How to attract miracles in your life

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how to attract miracles in your life

Attracting Miracles by Gregory Downey

There are few things that move me more than the story of human triumph over the adversities of life. Gregory Downeys book Attracting Miracles is one such amazing story. Well written with his quick whit and ever optimistic outlook, Downey tells his personal story of conquering the demons of his past from living with an abusive father and from his own personal struggle with drugs and alcohol. Somewhere down the road the light bulb went on for Gregory that he was a product of the very principles he was utilizing in his daily work to help people overcome their own demons through the Miracles Coaching program. In retrospect, he realized that at certain key points in his life, without even knowing it, these principles - or something very close to them - were implemented making lasting change in his own life. When he sat down and made a conscious effort to connect the dots, it was obvious to him that he was a product of the principles of truth that the Miracles Coaching program espouses. He himself had attracted miracles. He himself was a miracle. He had in a way coached himself out of his past. But it wasnt until he was a coach himself with years of training under his belt that he had this stark realization. So he had to write a book about it and share it with the world.
I for one plan to take his advice and write down my 10-15 wants and dont wants and get to work on clearing the clutter of self doubt out of my life. I plan to achieve some specific goals by freeing myself from the chains that my own limiting beliefs have prevented me from realizing. For most people, self improvement is an ongoing and ever challenging facet of life. For many they simply find it too difficult and give up, never realizing their true potential. The greatest athletes have personal coaches. The greatest leaders in the world have coaches (usually called mentors). It makes perfect sense that for a human to achieve greatness, that a personal coach might be just what is missing. In Downeys book, he gives you the tools to make a start. Im looking forward to my own journey and plan on attracting some very specific miracles in my own life.
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How to Manifest Miracles Now

Even if you're more than a dabbler in the art of manifesting, the skill -- like any skill -- can always be honed and improved. For the unfamiliar, manifesting is the practice of tuning your body and mind's energetic vibration to a high frequency. That may sound heady, but we're all beings of energy. When our energy vibrates at a low level we attract low-level circumstances. But when our energy is in a high vibration we attract positive outcomes. To create powerful manifestations, we must believe in our desires. As Dr.

When they do not occur something has gone wrong. However, you can start to open yourself up to more miracles in your life. Want to know where to start? In fact, the opposite is true. Wake up tomorrow and pretend for a moment you are already living your dream life. How would you feel?

What kind of miracle are you looking to attract? Whether it's love, healing, money, or anything else, wouldn't it be easier if you had help? And that is the inspiration behind the Attract Miracles Course.
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How to Manifest Miracles

Do you ever feel like it will take a miracle for your dreams and desires to manifest the way you want them to? - We are all constantly manifesting.




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