Daily life in the third reich

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daily life in the third reich

Life in the Third Reich: Daily Life in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 by Paul Roland

Life in the Third Reich draws extensively on interviews, letters and diaries from the earliest days of the Nazi Party to the final hours of the thousand-year Reich to reveal how the Hitler cult influenced and corrupted every aspect of life, from education, health, business, the press, the judicial system and the Church to sport, culture, work and the family.
It reveals the stark contrast between the myth of One People, One Fuhrer perpetuated by Nazi propaganda and the harsh realities of life in a dictatorship.

Life in the Third Reich challenges the popular view of Nazi Germany as a nation united behind their despotic leader and asks What would you have done? Would you have behaved any differently if you had lived in Hitlers Germany?
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Third Reich: The Rise & Fall (FULL DOCUMENTARY) [HD]

Life in the Third Reich

Few historical subjects are so emotive as the 'Third Reich', and few have stimulated as much general interest. The main outlines of the history of Nazi Germany are well known: the rise of Hitler, the destruction of Weimar democracy, rearmament, the launching of the Second World War, the persecution and mass murder of European Jews, the total defeat of the German Reich. Yet in the past few years the interests of many historians of modern Germany have gone beyond the familiar contours of that country's recent political history. Local and regional studies, examinations of social questions, and investigations into how people lived their everyday lives have done much to enrich our understanding of the 'course of German history'. There has been a growing awareness of the connections between major political decisions in the Third Reich and what was happening on the ground; historians of Nazi Germany have at last discovered the German people. This shift of emphasis is not simply due to current fashion among social historians. Much archive material has become available only recently; forty years have now elapsed since the 'Third Reich' came crashing down.

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Search below to view digital records and find material that you can access at our library and at the Shapell Center. As the shadow of the swastika lengthened, its citizens quicly came to realize that the Nazis' brutal programme was not optional. Everyone was expected to play their part in "national revival", especially those chosen as sacrificial victims. These are the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary times, living in the grip of a regime taht did not care if it destroyed the whole country in pursuit of its perverted goals. These additional online resources from the U. Holocaust Memorial Museum will help you learn more about the Holocaust and research your family history.

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